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    Premiere Pro CS6 video transitions




      I'm a convert to PP now after 10 years of being a FCP user. I just installed PP CS6 and was looking through the list of Video Transitions under effects panel. There doesn't seem to be very many of them available (as I was used to with FCP7). I used the Cross Zoom transition quite a bit on sports videos I work on. Just curious if there is a way to view/confirm all of the video transitions that are included with PP CS6? Also, I see there are Adboe "partners" that sell additional effects, although I can't identify one that focus on transitions, most offer video filters.


      Thanks for your time!



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I have not seen a CS6 list, but in previous versions, there were several, with one listing all Transitions and Effects that were available for the PC, and those available for the Mac. The PC list was longer, in both categories. Last one that I recall was for CS 5, and it showed what was available for each platform, and also highlighted some that had been removed, to accommodate the MPE (Mercury Playback Engine).


          Perhaps there is a current list for CS 6, but I have just not seen it yet.


          Todd probably has a good handle on this, and will add a URL to such, if it exists.


          Good luck, and I feel your pain, when an "old friend" disappears.



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            marq5.1 Level 1

            Hi Mark,


            I'm like you. I've cut two projects so far, weening myself off FCP. I noticed that there are actually more (interesting) transitions in After Effects than in Pr 5.5 or 6. I was surprised at this. I think Adobe's idea is to get us to use Pr and Ae more together than I was used to with FCP and Motion. There are quite a few things that I would have done in FCP which I can only do in Ae now (like moving multiple layered objects at one time ie. two logos floating on top of a clip). The transitions are worth looking into in Ae, and the compatability between Ae and Pr are potentialy better than it was with FCP and Motion.


            Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the Adobe Dynamic linking between Ae6 and Pr6. It worked fine in 5.5. I plan to write an entry about this problem as soon as I can.


            There is still a lot to get used to.





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              zooskifilms Level 1

              Thanks Hunt. I thought I was going crazy.


              I do use a Mac, so perhaps the fewer transitions is something I'll have to live with. So I find myself saying "FCP 7 had this feature......". Hard not to make comparisons, but switching from FCPX was so easy. I may have lost a friend, but PP is not so bad! Might turn out be better one at that.


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                zooskifilms Level 1

                Thanks DK. I'll have to look into moving back and forth between AE and PP. Seems for simple transitions it will lengthen the editing process. I just need to try it out first and see. It's always that one feature you used regularly that goes missing. I also wonder if you can customize and effect/transition and put it in the effects bin. Something to look into as well.


                By the way, is it me or does the export media in PP seem far superior than FCPX's? Nice small file sizes and pristine quality. The image quality in the viewer and canvas seem worse than FCPX while editing, but the final output is sweet from PP.


                Also customized my hot keys for auto zooming the timeline (yea, you guessed it, Shift+Z), but it doesn't zoom it to the length of the clips, it shows zoomed out a little too much.


                Just some of my quick observations. Overall I am so much happier now than with FCPX.




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                  jstrawn Adobe Employee

                  As of PrPro CS6, the default in-the-box video transitions are:

                  Video Transitions
                  3D Motion
                  Cube Spin
                  Flip Over
                  Additive Dissolve
                  Cross Dissolve
                  Dip to Black
                  Dip to White
                  Film Dissolve
                  Iris Box
                  Iris Cross
                  Iris Diamond
                  Iris Round
                  Page Peel
                  Page Peel
                  Page Turn
                  Center Split
                  Barn Doors
                  Gradient Wipe
                  Video Effects - Transition
                  Block Dissolve
                  Gradient Wipe
                  Liner Wipe
                  Radial Wipe
                  Venetian Blinds


                  Bold items represent categories, not actual transitions. There are also third-party transitions that you can install as plug-ins. What sort of transitions, other than standard dissolves/wipes...etc were you looking for?

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                    zooskifilms Level 1

                    Thanks for the list. Confirms what I have.


                    I used a Zoom and Cross Zoom in FCP7, really these are the ones I'm looking for. Is it possible to create your own transitions for PremPro? Or create in AE for PremPro?


                    Thank again.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      I knew that there had to be one around somewhere.


                      Greatly appreciated,



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                        jstrawn Adobe Employee

                        You're welcome.


                        @zooski: I would have thought we had cross zoom in there too, and I know I've used it in the past. Perhaps it was a plugin though... I'll look into that, since that's about the only other effect I can think of that users might actually need... Being an editor, you know that a lot of tranny's are just silly. In the meantime, you can always animate a zoom-transition using effects controls - just animate zoom in @ the tail of a clip and zoom out at the head of its neighboring clip... I know I've done that before and it works without too much effort, but I agree there should be an automated tranny for it. I'm not sure if AE has one or not, I look later if I get the chance.

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                          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Cross Zoom is present but probably Windows only.

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                            jstrawn Adobe Employee

                            Yes, indeed, Ann. Thanks. There is in fact a whole zoom transitions category which is win-only. There are many other effects and transitions which are win-only, too. The list I culled was taken from the mac side. I do have a current (CS6) list for windows, but it's only on paper and I don't have time to transcribe it now. I will get to that when i can and post back here, unless someone can beat me to it.


                            Parity has gotten better in previous releases, but as you can see, we're not there yet. I just submitted a new uber-request to get parity and otherwise refresh our effects.