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    Unable to print to PDF


      I had just reinstalled my Adobe Acrobat 8.0 on my win7 32 bit machine and had updated all the patches available on the website.


      Whenever i tried to convert to PDF, the contents went distorted, also when i tried to right click on the document and convert it to PDF, i will received error.


      I have no issues printing to PDF using the Adobe Printer if i go to print and choose adobe printer.


      Please advise.

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          wenwen85 Level 1

          Hi any help here?

          To add on, can someone confirm if AA8 is compatiable on windows 7 32bit system.


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            Bill@VT Level 7

            Many folks have reported success with AA8 on Win7-32bit. However, the configuration is not supported by Adobe and you should expect some problems at times. If you are reasonably good with computers, you can often get around the problems, but may take some troubleshooting. As far as right clicking for conversion to PDF, that would be an issue with the settings in Windows file structure menu. If you are talking about PDF Maker, that most likely depends on the program being used. If you are using OFFICE 2010, then AA8 can only be used as a print to the Adobe PDF printer.