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    Photoshop CS6 installation failing with Creative Cloud Subscription


      I have a Creative Cloud subscription and I am having trouble installing Photoshop CS6 with the Adobe Application Manager. The application will download but when installing it gives me an Installation Failed error with the message "The download appears corrupted. Press Cancel, wait a few minutes and try again (-60)"


      I am using a Macbook Pro 17" i7 8GB with Mac OSX 10.7.3.


      When I look at the DLM_Native.log file using the Console I get a whole bunch of errors like the following.


      [ERROR] | 7B2C1C2F-AC72-4B17-9D58-C9BC80BC9A07 |  |  |  |  |  | Checksum validation failed for segment 510


      [WARN] | 7B2C1C2F-AC72-4B17-9D58-C9BC80BC9A07 |  |  |  |  |  | Some Error has come during download operation with Error type - -60, and Error Code - 417


      I have about 60GB of free hard drive space, so I know I am not running out of space for installation.


      I do not see an alternative way of downloading other than the Adobe Application Manager. If I go to my orders page on Adobe.com and click download for Photoshop CS6 it just opens the Application Manager and begins downloading from there.


      I have downloaded and installed Illustrator and Flash Professional using the Application Manager without issue.