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    Setting up sales for certain attributes

    Power Cordz

      Hi -- I am new to Business Catalyst ... I recently inherited the site for our business from another developer and am trying to make some changes.


      We would like to have rotating sale prices on certain colors of brake and deraileur cables when we have extra stock. Right now we have cable color listed as an attiribute for different cable packages ... i would like to put blue ones on sale, for example ... what is the best way to organize this?


      I did it for yellow a few weeks ago, but had to create a new catalogue (http://www.powercordz.com/on-sale -- the images look terrible ... anyone know why they zoom in like that?), make a new product for each system, just in yellow, and then it's awkward when you go to the normal page for the system and select yellow (http://www.powercordz.com/brake-cables/road-brake-cordz-system)... I put in text for shoppers to check the sale page, but people can still by the product at full price.


      I know this has been discussed a few times here, but I really need a good solution.






      PS Also, how do you call Adobe for tech support!

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          mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Nate,


          The images look like that because you're not setting the image size in CSS, but instead setting the size of the div that contains them, and the images are some crazy 750px in size. To fix the images, you have two options:


          - Resize the images in your favourite image manipulation tool and upload them back to the site. The optimal size seems to be 377px x 240px.

          - Apply height and width to the image with .image img{...}


          As for the sale, you are using attributes to show colors and attributes can not have the negative amount in them, so creating a separate catalogue and adding products which are on sale to it is the way to go. Another way would be to create a page for items on sale, tag them as on sale and place a featured products module onto that page. This link should help http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/194/bc_1949.html





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            Power Cordz Level 1

            Thanks Mario -- What about the problem that when people go to buy a blue product, or whatever particular attribute we have on sale, they may not realize it's on sale and purchase it from the regular catalogue? Is there a solution for that?


            Are there advantages to using the Sale Catalogue solutions (which I'm doing now) vs. the featured products module solution?





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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi Nate, He means not to do both.
              Instead of attributes you create different products which are those different colour options. One thing you will notice is there is new stock management when you add attriubutes.

              You may have 20 t-shirts in stock but some may be blue, green and yellow. Currently you can not offer stock managment or discount etc on a per attribute basis. You need to create seperate products for each to then be able to offer differing prices, on sale notifications etc.