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    Missing Version Cue - can't right click!


      PLEASE HELP!!!


      I understand that there has been numerous threads about this already but nothing is working for me!


      Basically, whenever I right click (this is a necessity as you know!) this message appears:


      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Version Cue CS4\Client\4.0.0\Version Cue.dll


      I used to have the trial version of Indesign CS4, but uninstalled it when the trial was up. I think this is when this started. I have photoshop Elements 6.0 which is working fine. I have been told to move the Adobe folder to another folder in the C drive but it won't let me because I need administrator permission (to unlock this, you need to be able to right click the file! )


      Hopefully, someone can help with this.