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    CS upgrades?

    Paul Stedman Newcomer

      Does anyone know if there a declared policy as to when updgrades to CS series will appear?


      Explanation: I am looking to purchase CS6 (I am now working as a freelancer so no longer have access to my employer's software) and I am doing the sums about how I am going to finance this looking two or three years ahead. I need to factor in any upgrades along the way.

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          Steve Werner Mythic

          What are you upgrading from? What are you upgrading to?

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            BobLevine Legend

            Adobe has announced a 12 month upgrade cycle. You’re probably better off with Creative Cloud.





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              Paul Stedman Newcomer

              It's not going to be an upgrade, as I am now working as a freelancer. So will need to purchase the full copy.

              I mainly work with print projects, so looking at Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Acorbat.

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                Steve Werner Mythic

                I'd agree with Bob that the Creative Cloud would probably make more sense for you starting out.

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                  Paul Stedman Newcomer

                  Thanks Bob and Steve.


                  I can see the attraction of Cloud but (and I am probably just old fashioned) but I would rather actually own something; and would rather bear the pain of paying for the full purchase price outright and then paying for the upgrades as they come along (if I think I need them).

                  So I am just looking working out the likely finance over a 3 or 4 year period, by factoring in for upgrades.

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                    BobLevine Legend

                    Well, let’s see.




                    Mac and Windows CS6 Design and Web Premium: $1899x2=$3798




                    Upgrades for each in years two and three: Approx $699x2=$1398x2 years=$2796




                    Total for two licenses with two upgrade: $6594




                    Now let’s look at Creative Cloud: Three years for two platforms (which includes Master Collection, Muse, Typekit, Edge, unlimited DPS apps) $1800




                    Net savings: $4794 and that doesn’t include DPS Single Edition apps which will cost you $399 each without a CC membership.




                    Do what you want, but I think I think you’re foolish not to consider Creative Cloud.





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                      Paul Stedman Newcomer

                      Thanks for the feedback Bob. My sums are not quite the same.


                      Apologies but my prices will be in UK (Sterling).

                      To purchase one copy of Design Standard (I only work with print projects – packaging etc and have no plans to change) so "Standard" will do for me.

                      So one copy of Standard = £1250

                      If I budget for an upgrade every year that will cost me £300

                      Over the course of four years = £2150


                      In the UK the cost of Creative Cloud is going to be around £550 per year.


                      The difference between the two routes is not going to be massive, but I suppose the difference will be that I actually own it.


                      I do appreciate that this is only because of my own very narrow requirements, in that I will not have need for most of what Creative Clouid has to offer.


                      Which brings me back to my original question – does Adobe have a declared policy of upgrades at some stage every year?

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                        Paul Stedman Newcomer

                        Apologies. I realise that question (does have Adobe have a declared policy of upgrades) has beenanswered.

                        Thanks very much.

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                          BobLevine Legend

                          Yes, they do. Until the end of this year you can upgrade to CS6 from CS3 - CS5.5.


                          Beginning next year only the current version will be eligible for upgrade pricing. IOW, you will not be able to skip versions without paying full price.