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    extreamly noob AS3 question- using a *.as file with main timeline

    DKNMSIS Level 1

      I'm in the midst of adding a performance monitor to a mobile application that has no actionscript yet, I just want to test performance of animations


      https://raw.github.com/mrdoob/Hi-ReS-Stats/master/src/net/hires/debug/ Stats.as that is the stats.as file I have in my root folder with the .fla

      I removed the folder location "net.hires.debug" from the stats.as file


      what do i need to type to load the .as file


      it says to use the addchild function, I'm new to as3 and am a bit confused with classes


      right now my first frame actions layer, it says

      addChild (new Stats() );


      and when executing this

      addChild(new Stats()); it gives me error 1180: call to a possible undefined method Stats