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    Does anyone know when CS6 will be released for the rest of us?

    flaming1 Level 2

      There are a large group of people who STILL haven't got CS6 - even though we pre-ordered and prepaid for it. I'm referring to all the people who upgraded to CS5.5 to get CS6 when it came out.


      At the time of ordering Adobe said that by purchasing CS5.5 we would get CS6 'when it became available'. That was a few weeks ago now. When nothing happened we went searching and found in the FAQs that we would be able to download it 'approximately 10 days after it was released'. No reason was given for having to wait. Adobe had our money so there was no reason to not let us download it.


      Now, 14 days later, and there's still nothing from Adobe. So does anyone know what is going on at Adobe.


      Adobe do not seem to understand the whole concept of pre-paying or pre-ordering something. People pre-pay/pre-order so that they can get something as soon as it is available. It should put you at the front of the line when something is released - but Adobe  managed to completely screw that up by taking our money up front and then putting us right to the back of the line!


      And in case anyone is wondering - no, none of us wanted CS5.5. It was just a way, offered by Adobe, of upgrading to CS6.