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    Creative Cloud (CS6)

    GeoBear Level 1

      I'm probably the 113th person to ask about the new Creative Cloud, but I seem to be locked in Start-a-New-Discussion mode for some reason and haven't been able to view the main community thread.


      Anyway, I couldn't afford to upgrade from CS3 to CS5.5 ($800-$900), so I was intrigued by the news that CS6 is now available - either as an upgrade or a subscription.


      My main question relates to the Internet. After you subscribe and download the software, do you have to be connected to the Internet to use it? In other words, if I go to some remote place where I don't have Internet access, could I still use Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc.?


      Also, is there a way to install the software alongside my CS3 programs, rather than replacing them? I'd kind of like to have CS3 as a backup in case something goes wrong with my CS6 subscription.


      It would also be interesting to know what new features CS6 has over CS5.5; I'm sure it's light years ahead of CS3.




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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          The Creative Cloud works the same as the Creative Suite in that you can install multiple versions side-by-side.  So nothing is ever upgraded, you just install a new version that is how the software has always worked.  It is not clear whether this behavior will work in a post-CS6 world, but that's the way it works right now.


          As far as having an internet connection, you need to validate your subscription 1x per month.  Don't know if you go into a trial period for "x" amount of days after or if the software just dies, that is unclear, but you may want to ask that to sales if you plan on being without internet access for over 30 days.


          The biggest new features in DW are with responsive design and HTML5/CSS3 which are big jumps from CS3.


          The number one thing to keep in mind vs the CS3 license is that once you stop paying for the Creative Cloud, all applications stop working until you renew.

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            GeoBear Level 1

            Thanks, SnakEyez02. I figure I'll probably subscribe for two or three years, then maybe buy CS6 outright if I can afford it. I have a hunch Adobe's going to jack up the subscription fee after the first year, but we'll see.

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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Try posting Cloud questions to the Cloud forum



              Most of your questions are answered in the FAQ


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                Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                GeoBear wrote:


                Thanks, SnakEyez02. I figure I'll probably subscribe for two or three years, then maybe buy CS6 outright if I can afford it. I have a hunch Adobe's going to jack up the subscription fee after the first year, but we'll see.


                Geo, there is currently no path, or planned path, out of the Cloud.  So you would then be forced to buy CS7 at the full retail cost as if you are a new customer.  If you are debating and need to save for the traditional license, you have until 12/31 for that pricing then the upgrade from CS3 to CS6 goes away.  And your fear is justified about the subscription fee going up which is part of my hesitation because I mostly do web work and some print work, but the video applications and Muse have no value to me.

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                  GeoBear Level 1

                  So after 12/31, an upgrade will cost me even more - or I won't be able to upgrade at all? I can't same I'm surprised. Adobe seems be operating an extortion racket, though their software is probably worth it. I practically live on Dreamweaver, and I use Photoshop quite a bit, too.

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                    John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    GeoBear wrote:


                    So after 12/31, an upgrade will cost me even more - or I won't be able to upgrade at all?



                    After that it's full price for anyone who's not on CS5.



                    GeoBear wrote:

                    though their software is probably worth it.

                    That's the conclusion Adobe is hoping that you'll reach.

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                      Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                      Geo, I'm in the same boat as you.  If I could pay the $29/month that is being offered to current CS owners permanently to get the Design & Web Premium, I would probably jump at the opportunity.  But because I have to buy the video programs, I can't justify $600/yr vs $375/yr to upgrade at every point release for the programs I need.  Only program I feel I am missing out on is Edge, but I'm not all that concerned.  And with the $375 price would pay to upgrade to CS6, I don't have to re-activate the programs once every month.

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                        SnakEyez02, I'm not sure why you don't think the Creative Cloud for $29.99 a mo / year in advance is not a good deal for you?


                        Maybe I don't fully understand the Creative Cloud model because It seems like a GOOD deal to me. I jumped on it.

                        I signed up for two of the $29.99 deals (we have 3 accounts that qualify for the discount here)

                        What makes it a hard financial decision?


                        I complain myself about the cost of Adobe's apps and the continual upgrades. I do. Of course we need them here, and they are a fair value initially, but the upgrades end up making the apps very, very expensive. And the Suites are smartly crafted to not have EVERYTHING you need :-)


                        When I just went and looked in my account at how many apps I have bought and paid for and paid to upgrade in the 12 years I have been buying them it was in excess of $20,000! I didnt know.

                        I don't think $1500.00 a year or so is a good deal for the apps we use(d) compared to the Creative Cloud deal?


                        In the early years we were only buying Photoshop and Premiere. If I average that total cost out it probably cost me something like $1800.00 per year, Of course now we use 5 or 6 each year.

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                          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                          Vidguy, the $29.99 is a perfect deal for me and if that was the deal, then I would jump at it.  But knowing at month 13 that the Creative Cloud goes to $49.99/month just doesn't seem to be as good of a deal to me at the moment.  From what I see the current Design and Web Premium is $375, or the equivalent of $31.75/month.  So if I don't need the video software forced upon me in year 2 I make out $18.24/month or $218.88/yr (pre-tax).  The only way the CC makes sense at the moment is if you want/use all of the software, if not it's really not worth the investment.


                          Even if I had the master collection you are someone who has CS5.5 would pay $525 per year to upgrade their traditional license.  That is $43.75/month.  So you are paying $6.24/month for Muse (could throw that away) and Edge (Lightroom is not official yet in the Cloud).  In that case it's a different argument.  Even take a look at the article Lifehacker did breaking down the point when it's more effective to buy vs rent: http://lifehacker.com/5904416/rent-vs-buy-is-adobes-creative-cloud-subscription-cheaper-th an-buying-photoshop .


                          And don't get me wrong, CS6 is well worth the upgrade in many respects and I plan on upgrading from CS5.5 to CS6 in the near future, just not convinced on the Cloud yet.

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                            vidguy Level 1

                            SnakEyez02. Your careful calculations make strict financial sense. You are giving it very careful consideration. I can't say that I am calculating the differences nearly as carefully as you.


                            I can see that if a user only has a need for, let's say two of the apps within a single Suite, traditional ownership is a better deal by a somewhat small but clear percentage as your figures indicate..


                            If you are a user whose needs "crosses Suites" by needing for instance, web and production tools, as we do, it becomes a far more attractive offer.


                            Other things I considered:


                            Is there any added value in having those other apps in CC at your avail? I agree that there are apps I have never touched in the Adobe arsenal. But I watched the demos here and I may have our folks try Muse. Not only that but there are times when a project could benefit from a ceratin app due to existing files types the client has or just a particular task that Adobe has a good app for.


                            Also, does getting the upgrades as part of the model seem attractive? Not having to pay for upgrades? It does to me.

                            There are other benefits too.


                            Even at $49.99. it seems like a good deal if you use more then one suite's worth of tools.


                            In the end I can agree that if you are a single app or single suite user then possibly when considering costs for 1 upgrade cycle, traditional ownership likely is "Cheaper". But it may be a toss up, or a more expensive arrangement, with the benefit of no extras, if you plan on upgrading.


                            Thanks. I am enjoying this discussion and learning more about the community's reaction to this CC concept as it is a wild concept and somewhat confusing in its scope.

                            An aside is that I am fairly sure Adobe is doing this to get back some of the unlicensed users even for a few months and combat Piracy in their own way..

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                              Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                              I definitely enjoy a good debate Vidguy.  I already took a lot into consideration because I had brought some of this up to John Nack on his blog when he discussed the advantages about the upgrades and that is enticing.  Also as a user of InDesign, whose format is notorious for not being compatible across spans of versions, this can only help that workflow and process.  Even if Microsoft went to this same model, I would make the same the same argument that not all users need Viso or Access, or maybe they don't even want the Express Suite mixed with Excel.  While the difference between the Adobe programs is not as drastic, I actually tried to sell this for a company I work for and had the same issue.  We have a few guys who strictly who Photoshop, nothing else, and a few who use the Web suite and could use the Creative Cloud in its entirety, but the Team suite is only for the Creative Cloud bundle at the moment and there appears to be no way to allow those single Cloud Apps to interact with the team platform.  Our team consists of about 7 employees, so when you start multiplying the numbers by multiple employees it's an even harder sell for the budget conscious business.  As a solo user it's an easier sell and maybe it would be more enticing with Lightroom in the mix.

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