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    Flash site that includes a flash player

    albertomoreno1982 Community Member

      We have been given a flash site in a folder that includes a player inside as well as an .exe. (included in a picture in this post - these are named "start" and "start.exe").


      We are wondering how we can do the same with a flash website we have designed so the client can recieve a DVD or CD-Rom (or the folder itself) and open it from there since it includes the player inside.

      Our question is - How is this done?



      Thank You


      P.S. By the way - what is the .exe for? (we use Mac only - will it be used instead of "start" when using a PC?)


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          Ned Murphy ACP/MVP

          I don't know much about Macs except that I believe that an .exe is the PC equivalent of a Mac .app as you thought.


          I don't know what you are calling a player, but I don't see one except for a javascript file named checkPlayer.js (would most likely be used for the html page).


          What I imagine is that the start file is the main file that you use and it calls in the various .swf files that seem to form a site with various sections.


          The exe/app files could be considered player files in so much that each is a standalone file capable of playing on a computer without the need for the Flash player.  So if you created a site you could have the start file be the vehicle for displaying it to whomever you sent the collection of files.


          So, for you rto do the same, you would take whatever fla file you use as the main file for your site and in the Publish Settings set it to publish a Win Projector and a Mac Projector file of it.

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            albertomoreno1982 Community Member

            That's it - we didn't thought of using the publish settings to do so!



            Thanks Ned