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        These idiotic "Navigation Pane Button" annoy me so that one day, I am afraid, I will throw my laptop into a wall. Three years later and still there is no way of getting rid of them by default. Adobe, please, pay somebody to add a check-box somewhere in your preferences to not open the buttons by default (if I need them once in two years, I can easily open them from the right-click-anywhere-on-the-document menu). You have a ton of junk settings in the preferences which nobody needs, however there is no way to adjust something big that faces the user every time a document is opened - that does not make any sense!!!


        P.S. Tried to implement some of the solutions posted above (in Mac OS X) - the solutions do not work!!! I am not a hardcore programmer, but I am not a dummy in software and computers either. I could not make them to work...

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          lrosenth Adobe Employee

          That is because we don't want them hidden as the average users finds them quite useful as they serve not only an active role but also status for many features of PDF.

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            Lenn Dolling Community Member

            hahah "average" .. pretty lame.

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              Zhopa_Dura Community Member

              Guys, the proposal here is NOT to remove the "Navigation Pane Buttons" completely, but to add a setting somewhere in your preferences to not show the buttons for any new open document. You can make the default setting for the buttons to be shown (so that your "average" users would not get confused), and if one hates the buttons (like me and many other not-so-average-by-adobe-standards people), then it should be possible to change a check-box to not show the buttons when any new pdf-document is open. The stuff which you put into the pane is useful occasionally, but in 99.9% of cases I open a pdf file, the pane and the buttons in it are nothing but a hindrance for using the program (Adobe Reader) efficiently.

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                I have an electronic signage system which displays jpegs, video and I’d like it also to be able to display PDF files. I can’t do this because the damn buttons keep showing up on the display and there’s no way to turn it off.




                This is just one application. I’m sure there are dozens of others where the buttons interfere.

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                  khkremer ACP

                  For an application like your signage system, you can configure the PDFs

                  that you what to display with an initial view of "Open in full screen

                  mode". That will hide everything but the document - no toolbar, menubar,

                  navigation pane, ... Just the document.


                  The document author has the option to hide the navigation pane. If a

                  document does not benefit from that pane, I would assume that the author

                  would set the appropriate initial view. If a document benefits from having

                  the bookmarks pane visible (e.g. because it's helpful in navigating a

                  complex document) I would hope that the author enables that setting, and if

                  a document contains a lot of attachments that I need to work with, I would

                  hope that the attachments pane would be the one visible. And so on...


                  If the document author takes the time to setup how the document should be

                  displayed, I don't think that the user should be able to override that

                  setting with a preference setting. What would be interesting is a setting

                  that would be applied for documents that do not explicitly set the viewer




                  Karl Heinz Kremer

                  PDF Acrobatics Without a Net




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                    markkesty1 Community Member

                    Running in full screen is not a good solution for me since the PDF appears in the center of the screen but there is other information displayed around it.

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                      Zhopa_Dura Community Member

                      To Karl Heinz Kremer:


                      Those are just some lame excuses to keep torturing users with these stupid buttons. I do not care what the creator of a pdf-document had in mind (he/she probably also thought the same way as Adobe, i.e. that an "average" user is an idiot, and so the buttons have to be always shown), I do not want the buttons to be visible regardless of the opinion of the pdf-file creator!!! Moreover, I my first guess would be that the visible buttons are the default setting for any newly created PDF-document and that the average "creator" is a lazy and not-too-bright dummy, who did not care to spend any time to figure out how to hide the buttons for the sake of user convenience.

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                        Bernd Alheit MVP

                        These are not stupid buttons.

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                          Zhopa_Dura Community Member

                          All right, they are not stupid, they are just annoying and useless in 99.9% of real life usesage cases of Adobe Reader...

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                            Zhopa_Dura Community Member

                            Let me put the issue into perspective: let us say, once in 30 years it might snow in May, and on such a May day it would be useful to wear winter boots and a coat, however you do not expect people to wear such clothes every May day of every year (even though, occasionally it is a good idea), because it would a huge inconvenience. The situation here is the same, on one day in 2 years these buttons are useful, but it does not mean that it is a good idea to for us to suffer their presence the remaining 729 days...

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                              Bernd Alheit MVP

                              I use the buttons every day.

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                                Zhopa_Dura Community Member

                                Good for you! I almost never use the buttons. Obviously, the only way to make us both happy about the program is to add the check-box to the Adobe Reader preferences.

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                                  Patrick Leckey wrote:


                                  Well then you can just use the PDF Open Parameters.



                                  Wanna go all out and have it permanently disabled on your system? Edit the .pdf file association in your registry to launch

                                  Acrobat.exe /A "navpanes=0" %1

                                  instead of

                                  Acrobat.exe %1

                                  And your navigation panes will be off for all your PDFs.


                                  I tried to prevent navigation panes from appearing when using Acrobat Reader X.


                                  Using "ftype" I modified the open string for AcroExch.Document to include

                                  AcroRd32.exe /A "navpanes=0" "%1"


                                  However, it didn't make any difference. I verified that the appropriate key in the Win7 registry had been changed.


                                  I know AcroRd32.exe accepts the /A switch and navpanes argument because I invoked it from the DOS command line with those parameters and it worked (no navigation pane).


                                  I tried it with various permutations of quotation marks and that made no difference, either (except one of them gave an error).


                                  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

                                  • 94. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons

                                    YOU, as an end user, can do it manually by right-clicking on the panel and choosing to hide them.



                                    "I want you to redesign your application to suit ME ONLY, and ignore the millions of satisfied users! ME ME ME!"


                                    Yeah, great business strategy. How much is your company worth compared to Adobe? So who has the better business sense, I wonder?

                                    Wow, that's some great customer service there.  The user must be wrong because their personal tastes and preferences are different than yours.


                                    For anyone else looking for ways to remove this aggravation, I got the "fix" to work through trial and error.  There's no record of which reg key to edit so I had to hunt it down myself.  For Adobe Reader XI, I changed the following key:




                                    To read:


                                    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" /A "navpanes=0" "%1"


                                    No more navigation pane buttons!  Now it looks how it should.  Your reg path may be different than mine, but hopefully it should work the same.  Of course, none of this would be an issue in the first place if Adobe decided to add a preferences checkbox to begin with.  But that would require NOT forcing their useless screen-cluttering features on the end user.  They haven't learned how to do that yet.


                                    Thanks Adobe!

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                                      Zhopa_Dura Community Member

                                      Too bad this solution is not applicable to Mac users :-( My guess is that Adobe developers are used to stare at their products on nice 27 inch screens, in which case the buttons do not waste too much of the screen real estate. But for many people like me, who spend a lot of time using Adobe Reader on a 13 inch screen of a MacBook Pro, the buttons are nothing but useless annoyance...

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                                        vklrc Community Member

                                        Great! I tried it, and it works!


                                        Many thanks to ReynardMuldrake

                                        • 97. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons

                                          second that, it works!!!!!!




                                          "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe" /A "navpanes=0" "%1"




                                          "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe" /A "navpanes=0" "%1"


                                          thank heavens, that took hours of googling and ruining my computer

                                          • 98. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons

                                            Thanks to ReynardMuldrake for the solution. I'd like to point out something to anyone at Adobe who may be reading this. For anyone using a 16:9 or 16:10 monitor in portrait orientation and using single page view, vertical space is plentiful, but horizontal space is precious. That's why the navigation pane is extremely annoying. Without that pane hogging valuable horizontal space, I don't need to resort to full screen mode. (I'd like to get rid of the scroll bar too, but I can live with it).

                                            • 99. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons
                                              Mark Gates

                                              Ask Adobe if they care.  Their brains are tuned to profits and even without you, they're in reasonably good shape, as of angering a certain percentage of users, they could give 2 flying rats.

                                              When pirates crack & hack Photososhop, Acrobat, etc. I no longer see it as bad behavior, likewise for Microsoft's infamous Vista, Bob, and now Windows8; between them WindowsXP, Windows7, Acrobat versions before retarded sidebars, etc. are good products.

                                              As of me i did kill sidebars in Registry, but it is a long, convoluted work and I cannot find the record of what you would do to remove bars, I removed them in a sense they only appear IF CREATOR of a specific PDF files enabled them programmatically, but by default they're disabled on my machine.


                                              This is not a solution, because I am an engineer (Electronics), a computer addict and in a nerd/geek in general, but most people are not!  For them killing stupid sidebars is impossible or painful.


                                              If Adobe is reading this - WAKE UP, this trhead been going on for ages, wakeup Adobe & give us ability to disable retarde sidebars.

                                              • 100. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons
                                                cbm80 Community Member

                                                Here's a document about command line options:




                                                To disable both navigation pane and scrollbar, use:


                                                /A "navpanes=0&scrollbar=0" %1






                                                Could be easier (cough, cough), but at least it's a solution.

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                                                  vklrc Community Member

                                                  What is that relatively new section on the right taking up a lot of real estate with the "Tools," "Sign," and "Comment" buttons above it? I looked in the open parameters guide and couldn't figure out what parameter might get rid of that. Or is there another way to disable this annoying feature until I want to see it?

                                                  • 102. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons
                                                    lrosenth Adobe Employee

                                                    It's not new – it was introduced with Acrobat X, which would make it about 2+ years old.


                                                    And no, you can't disable it.   Why would you want to?

                                                    • 103. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons
                                                      khkremer ACP

                                                      Just click on the Tools button (assuming that the Tools pane is currently active) - that will toggle the Tools pane and either show or hide it. The same is true for the Sign, Comment and - if shown - Extension panes.

                                                      • 104. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons

                                                        This is a fair idea. I have been working with embedding 3d PDF's in html latley. I would like to remove all tools and options to just allow a user to move the 3d object and that is all. I would like to remove all options and the ability to right click. It is not a question of why, but how. There are many ways to embedc 3d ojects but adobe pdf is the fastest and most available plugin there is, the 3d pdf displays much faster than any other plugin i have tried.

                                                        • 105. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons

                                                          Why would we want to disable it? Because it annoys the hell out of us every time we open a document so we want to disable it not to have to remove it every time. The average users like me and all of us in this thread only open, read a couple of pages and close so have no need for any of your "useful tools" opening in our face by default.

                                                          • 106. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons

                                                            I will chime in to support this.  Why would we want to disable it? Simple reasons:

                                                            1) It's annoying - you've already heard that...


                                                            2) It's distracting - and when you are an adult ADHD, one of the things you may do to stay focused is to keep things neat and minimal. Simple and decluttered user interfaces (whether in PC software, web sites, apps...) are much easier for me to work with. I will admit I did not like the new Word interface (the ribbon) at first, but after a short time I found it far easier to work with than the navigation of dropdown menus the old version had. Not everyone is like me, but people like me would appreciate being able to declutter the screen...


                                                            3) It steals screen real-estate and slows down my reading - having your bookmarks or tools or whatever navigation pane open by default means that I either

                                                            a) see the whole page but the font size is too small for me to read or

                                                            b) see a page with a readable font size but have to scroll left to right to read on screen.


                                                            lrosenth - I don't know how old you are, but hopefully (like me) you will reach the age when you find larger font sizes easier to read. Being able to immediately read the pdf I just opened without having to click a few times for every file is quite helpful to me as I scan through pdf files to find what I'm looking for.


                                                            I realize some folks here may have been a bit rude to you in their posts, but I will say your responses have hardly discouraged it. You could have just as easily said you would raise the issue with the appropriate programmers instead of basically telling people the features they would like to have are pointless.

                                                            • 107. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons

                                                              Since the problem is [still current] as of Adobe Acrobat XI version 11.0.10 and in athe 'Pro' edition


                                                              The regkey to change to prevent Navpanes from showing up (on the Left of the Document window) when opening a PDF document is:




                                                              Name: (Default)

                                                              Type: REG_SZ

                                                              Data: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 11.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe" /A "navpanes=0" "%1"

                                                              • 108. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons
                                                                grumppygeezer Community Member

                                                                Anyone trying to find the answer for XI like I was

                                                                Enter reg key



                                                                [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\Workflows]


                                                                • 109. Re: how can i hide navigation panel buttons

                                                                  "Why?" you ask?


                                                                  How does that even matter in the slightest?


                                                                  I (unfortunately) have to deal with reader and acrobat here at work.  Luckily I ended up fixing my problem with the help of other people who had the same issue, but not from an Adobe employee.  Instead, they would like to know "why" I would like to not be constantly punched in the face by buttons that I don't use.  I don't care how useful they are to some people (and myself every once in a blue moon), but obviously there are people who prefer there to be a simple checkbox in the preferences.  Even without people asking for it, I would imagine that most people could assume this.. but apparently not.  I don't expect there will be any improvements in future versions, so I will continue to deal with it at work and be happy with my Adobe-free computers at home.  Glad I cancelled Creative Cloud as soon as I was done with school.

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