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    App rejected, content failed to load. Help!

    jblay-design Level 1

      Okay, I was able to get two magazines up to the App Store without any problems, but the third one was not the charm. This third publication differs in that we enabled Newsstand as well as free subscriptions. I think this is where I messed up. I read that the first issue for subscriptions needs to be submitted for review at the time the app is submitted for review. I tested the dev app and the content didn't load. I assumed it was because the issue had to be approved by Apple for an in-app purchase. I submitted the app and it was rejected, because it just said "Updating Library" the preview issue never loaded. I put the product ID for the issue in Folio Producer as com.xxxxxxxx.xxxxx.free. This was the same ID i used in iTunes Connect for the subscription issue.


      Now, I first built the viewer witjout Newsstand enabled, loaded the dev viewer and it pulled the content just fine. But we went back in and enabled Newsstand, loaded the dev app and it did load into Newsstand, but the content wouldn't update. What am I doing wrong?


      Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!