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    Endless loop - backup


      Win 7, LR4


      Not really expecting an answer, just throwing this out-


      I have a Western Digital desktop 1 TB backup, using the WD Anywhere Backup software. I have had zero issues using this over the last three years with previous LR versions, Win Vista, and now Win 7. This issue started with the LR 4 beta, and continues with LR 4. No other issues with any other program.


      I back up my LR catalog daily when exiting LR. The backup process would go into an endless loop, cycling through optimize, integrity, and backup routines. It would get almost to the end, and start over. After several cycles, LR would stop responding and quit. I would also get a popup from the Anywhere Backup software, telling me there was an error in the backup process. Another popup would tell me it had quit and offer to submit the info to WD, which I did on several occasions. I finally figured out I could complete the backup process if I paused the WD backup process, but I started getting other error messages related to WD. I have now got it down to actually quitting the WD program before opening LR, and once I have closed LR, restarting the WD program and all is well.


      I have not, as of yet, tried to get help from WD. I will in the near future.


      Thanks for reading!

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          Hal P Anderson Level 6

          Any chance that you can tell the WD backup software to ignore your Lightroom catalogue?



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            retiredff Level 1

            I can, Hal. However, it is one of my backups and I would love to keep using it.



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              Hal P Anderson Level 6

              If a backup program takes a copy of the catalogue while LR has it open, the copy is likely to be in an inconsistent state, anyway.


              What you can do is let Lightroom take the backup on exit and then have your WD backup program back up the backup copy that LR creates. It realy is just a straight copy.



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                retiredff Level 1

                Appreciate you jumping in here, Hal. I read a lot of your replies to others that have issues, and you are a help. If you go back to my original post, you'll see that it ever happened before, only since the release of LR 4 beta. So, the process has worked fine, starting with the original LR beta, all the way through LR 3.6. I had to change out a hard drive last year and rebuild my system, and the LR 3 catalog from the WD backup worked fine. I suspect some kind of off-the-wall, never to found bug with LR 4 is causing the problem. Or, the other possibility is a huge coincidence that the WD backup program started acting up the exact same time my first LR 4b catalog was being backed up by LR. Stranger things have happened!

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                  Hal P Anderson Level 6



                  Sure, it could be a coincidence, but if so, you've got a problem that would be a lot harder to do something about.


                  Could you try, just as an experiment, excluding your lightroom catalogue from the backup, and see if the problem goes away?



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                    Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                    I don't know if this is helpful or not, but I tried using the WD Anywhere Backup utility when I obtained it via a purchase of a WD My Book NAS. I gave it a good shot, but in the end I abandoned it as I found that it just didn't play nicely with some types of files, especially the database variety such as my Lightroom catalog and my Outlook pst file. Any change triggered an immediate backup due to the nature of its 'real time instant' capability, so it seemed that those files were forever being backed up. In the end it became a total PITA, though of course that may be me not fully understanding how to best use it.


                    Real-time backups are a nice idea, but in practice they can be quite problematical.

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                      retiredff Level 1



                      I big apology for not getting back sooner, but I decided other things needed to take priority. Right now, I am doing all back ups manuallly. So far, the only problem I am running into is the out-of-memory issue that others have raised. That seems to be related to using Win 7 32-bit, and not 64-bit. I am going to start messing with auto back ups shortly, and maybe even other back up programs, and see how things do. I appreciate your help.



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                        retiredff Level 1



                        As with Hal, I will apologize for not getting back sooner.


                        As I said early on, the WD Anywhere Backup performed flawlessly for me for every version of LR, from the pre-v1 betas, through LR3, and all other files I have. It is now out of the loop, so I will keep going with manual backups, and see what I can find that will automate them for me. Supposedly, the Win 7 backup program works better then any previous Win backup, but  have read too many complaints from others to try to depend on it.