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    How to update product information without overwriting all information


      Hi, I am using the Product_UpdateInsert API function to update product information.


      The problem I am having is that when I update a product, all the information that has been input through the admin part is overwritten.



      I insert a new product through the updateinsert function.

      I use the administrator part to manually assign the product to a category.

      I use the update insert function to update the inventory and then the product doesn't have a category anymore, because everything has been overwritten by the update insert function.



      The current solution that I am using is retrieving the product from Business Catalyst and then update the inventory and use the update insert function.

      The problem with this solution is that it takes 2 seconds to retrieve a product. And with an inventory of several thousands of products this is taking way to long!


      How can I update product details without overwriting all other product information.

      How a proper update function should work!