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    Lightbox - insert into page


      Hello all,


      I am new to dreamweaver but have successfully created most of my site.

      It is an art based website (not yet live) so I have made a lightbox of images.


      I created this in a new html page to check it all worked fine, and it works perfectly.


      I have a template page for the header etc that is represented on each individual page - these are sepreate html pages (contact, about etc)

      I simply want my lightbox to feature on my 'illustration portfolio' page but I can't work out how.

      There isn't the usual <head> <body> places to paste on this illustration page only <title> and <content> and pasting the code into these places doesn't work.


      I can only see the usual <head> <body> areas to insert code in the template page - but how do I connect this only to the illustration page?


      Totally stuck!

      I'd really appreciate any help!