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        jeffyerkey Level 1



        I am not a freeloader. Again, in my opinion, it was short-sighted of Adobe to not allow in a desktop based preview conduit to a one-on-one iPad. Now I guess I will take Bob at his word that this has become an addressable issue and Adobe will work up a new procedure. 


        Have a nice day.


        -- Jeff

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          mobly Level 3

          As Bob Bringhurst has told us, a solution to pushing a folio onto the iPad for testing only is on it's way, and that is all I want. I don't agree with the idea that users would hack a folio and redistribute, that's all I'm saying. I look forward to paying my full pro licence and getting on with making some great apps, in as efficient manner as possible! I'm going to bed:-) Alistair

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            Everything Mobly said, that's all I want.

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              David Ben Level 3

              I do have to agree with jeff that the alternative users are not "freeloaders" rather they are users that need a format that is more versatile than the solution DPS offers.  I believe that issue transcends either Apple or Adobe.  People saw the DPS folio format and wanted it to act more as an open format rather than one that fits directly into the Digital Publishing Suite.  I do feel the harshness in some users posts.  I mean i am an entrepreneur, i started both my business from scratch and both have fallen ill to piracy.  I have one guy on staff that all he does ALL day is take down posts and file DMCA notices.  Yes in some ways it has generated new users/readers, but it should be my choice to give that information freely to users, not some guy that has nothing better to do than rip my property off.

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                jeffyerkey Level 1

                It's Friday afternoon... almost Happy Hour... Everybody's right.


                -- Jeff

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                  JoyceCMYK Level 1

                  Im happy to see that people are beginning to warm up to the offline (sideloading alternative) solution idea.  I guess im just frustrated with the fact that sideloading has been gone for almost two months but right when it seems to calm down the same few people want to ignite the issue back up.  Even after Adobe has said "its gone and isn't coming back".  I have to agree with Bend_033 its simply ignorant to assume that piracy isn't an issue, because it is.  It might not have that much of effect on those Large publishers, but it does on the small-medium sized ones.  I wish everyone a happy Friday and apologize for my word usage.

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                    Narkeeso Level 1

                    jeffyerkey wrote:


                    It's Friday afternoon... almost Happy Hour... Everybody's right.


                    -- Jeff


                    I'm just happy to see the amount of passion steaming from these sideloading threads. This is obviously something very exciting and I think everyone wants a piece of the pie, just in different flavors.

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                      Narkeeso Level 1



                      No offense taken, I'm actually new to DPS and have been reading up on tutorials and in almost all the tutorials they show sideloading as a feature. So... a little bit of backstory, I get so excited at the thought of finally being able to publish without an app process and go out and buy Creative Suite Standard 5.5. Turns out when I get home and install all the updates I find that sideloading is indeed disabled and that the newest DPS update doesn't even work with the current iPad app.


                      I wholeheartedly agree that piracy is an issue and it never really came to mind that someone would use this to pirate issues or folios. I am just frustrated myself that piracy spoils the party for honest users.

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                        JoyceCMYK Level 1

                        Sounds like someone needs to update those tutorials! Bend_033 doesn't your company do training videos? you should think about making some tutorials for Digital Publishing Suite.

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                          alidabbs Level 3

                          Clearly, I am the only person in the world who doesn't miss sideloading. Since Adobe switched it off and forced me to upload everything, I realise that my workflow has actually simplified. This is because I don't work alone: everything I do is in conjunction with designers, editors and editorial directors.


                          With sideloading, I had to walk around the building, gathering everyone's iPads and bugger about with the whole damn process for each one in turn: delete old files, quit app, relaunch app, quit app, sideload new file, relaunch app. Then go and return all the iPads. Sometimes several times a day. When someone was abroad, they'd miss their updates and end up phoning me in the middle of night to ask what I was up to.


                          And yes, I tried to maintain a 'latest update' folio on a server we all had access to, but these people could never get it to load without me talking them through it on the phone, like Lloyd Bridges helping land the plane in 'Airplane'. Every bloody time.


                          Today, I just set each update-and-upload to run in the background while I do other work, and let everyone discover the updated content on their iPads automatically, wherever they are, since we share a dev Adobe ID. It has not failed yet.



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                            David Ben Level 3

                            The argument was geared toward the "why"-- people wanted to know why the feature was removed.  I think if you read somewhere in the middle i posted our experience with the updated workflow.  quoting myself " So previewing wise the updated workflow creates efficiency, consistency, and simplicity across the platform. "  So your not alone-  most of the medium to large size publishers i have had discussions insisted sideloading be removed security wise and found the updated workflow fits better into the "editorial" workflows they already have set up.

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                              JoyceCMYK Level 1

                              I second that! We would have demanded a refund had sideloading been a feature brought from the prerelease to the released product.  Bend_033 you didn't answer my question? Are you planning on releasing any training for the Digital Publishing Suite?

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                                David Ben Level 3

                                @joyce  Yes we are.

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                                  mobly Level 3

                                  Hi Alistair

                                  yes I can certainly see from your POV that the latest process is far more efficient, and I'm sure that in time, when I start to use it, that I will find it better than sideloading. I do seem to remember, however, you (or maybe it was your clients) being a bit critical of the "rusty old servers" and that is where I get nervous.

                                  OK so maybe it's just teething problems, but when we want to test, having a reliable and pretty quick process, that sideloading gave us, is really important.

                                  Personally I have no requirement or desire to distribute folio's to anyone, and I can see the "security" issue there.

                                  So, for me it's just about having a quick and easy process to test on the iPad, and for that reason, I miss sideloading :-)




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                                    Alistair (or anyone with knowledge of the following),


                                    Can you briefly explain the "dev Adobe id" and does this negate the problem of only being able to create one folio at a time? I understand the desire to protect content, but for my current needs it's not an issue and we are not mass distributing to gain income.


                                    Thank you for your help.

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                                      Hi Bob,


                                      I just need a very simple information: considering that I have an Ipad with no Wi-Fi 3G connection how can I put a .folio file that I have created in Indesign CS 5.5 on it?


                                      I have understood that the only solution is to buy a DPS "Professional Edition" license...  but I want to be sure I am correct... (actually it seems that here in Italy it is not possible to buy the DPS license as an official price list in euros even does not exist!).


                                      Thanks for your help!



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                                        David Ben Level 3

                                        Have you contacted the local Adobe Partner in Italy?


                                        Listed Information for Italy:

                                        Doriano Guerrieri


                                        http://www.adobe.com/products/digitalpublishingsuite/partners.html lists the full partner list. And your always welcome to contact Adobe directly about license inquiry at  dpsales@adobe.com.

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                                          alidabbs Level 3

                                          I set up an Adobe ID just for iPad development purposes, separate from my personal Adobe ID (the one I use for registering my software, participating in forums, etc). I use this 'dev' Adobe ID to create and upload the folio I'm working on, then sign in to Adobe Content Viewer using that Adobe ID on all the iPads that need to see folio updates automatically. Since Content Viewer stays signed on forever unless the user taps on 'sign out', no-one has to know my login details.


                                          Of course, this setup only works for single titles. As soon as different colleagues need to see multiple titles in different permutations, I'd find another solution.



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                                            Add me to the list of people who doesn't believe this explaination for killing sideloading.


                                            If "your" publishers are really as concerned as you say they are about their property, great, they can pay Adobe for that priviledge. But we want that CHOICE. Can there not be a seperate export option for this?


                                            I have stuff I want to make and give away. Yup. For free. Does Adobe have a solution for me? (Paying thousands for that priviledge is not in cards if you must know.) Do not for profits not exist in Adobe's world? Brochures? Catalogs? I don't believe for a second Adobe didn't conjure up these scenarios. What's the answer for these scenarios? It wasn't meant for us? Sorry guys, but I say it's those cursed greenbacks. Not saying Adobe can't do that. (They are a business) but saying "I can't think of any other reason" is stretching it a tad.


                                            EDIT ADD ON:


                                            Wait, why does it say I only have one post? I registered some time ago...

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                                              JoyceCMYK Level 1

                                              Whether you believe Adobe or not the option is gone.  Sideloading was still enabled for those Paying customers that used"dev builds"... The offline solution will reduce the need for those dev builds as well as ease those who enjoyed sideloading.. but the fact of the matter was.. sideloading directly underminded the client Adobe was aiming to attract.  end of story.

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                                                Pierluis Level 1

                                                Hi Joyce,


                                                do you mean sideloading is working with a "Professional Edition" license?


                                                That would be ok for me, but I am not sure the even if you buy a Professional Edition license you have the chance to save your own .folio/App on your desktop and then you can load on all the Ipad you need by Itunes!


                                                Actually there is still some confusion about DPS distribution methods... it even seems it is not so simple to buy the license !!!



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                                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                  What it means is that with a professional account you can create apps to be tested. These can easily be installed on any iPad with the properly identified UDID.


                                                  And complaining here...or anywhere else for that matter...is not going to change a thing. Adobe has already indicated that a new method for locally installing .folio files is being worked on. Have patience or find another solution for publishing to tablets.



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                                                    Pierluis Level 1

                                                    Thank you Bob,


                                                    no, I am not complaining anymore :-)


                                                    Actually now I appreciate Adobe very much for the DPS.


                                                    I was just trying to understand if by purchasing a Professional Edition license I would have been able to solve a big doubt...


                                                    In fact I have created a large .folio file (500/600 Mb) and I would like to transfer on my Ipad but I have great problems because I am using a 3G connection which is quite slow and furthermore very often after that I have been waiting more than 1 hour to finish the download (I mean from my Acrobat.com account) I get an "installation error" and I must restart the download from the beginning... you will agree with me that it is a problem to spend a couple of hours in order to have the file on my Ipad ;-)


                                                    Of course I know that if I could use a Wi-Fi connection things would be better.. .but simply I can not so the only connection I can use is HDSPA and it is slow!


                                                    Usually I download larger files on my Ipad simply by connecting the Ipad to my notebook (with ADSL) and that's working ok...


                                                    So I am just trying to understand how thing are working at the moment, that's all!




                                                    p.s.: sorry for my not perfect English

                                                    • 63. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                      chirpieguy Level 1

                                                      "And complaining here...or anywhere else for that matter...is not going to change a thing."

                                                      I like to think of it as disgruntled feedback. :-) Why would a company not want to know that there's a section of their customers that aren't happy?


                                                      "Adobe has already indicated that a new method for locally installing .folio files is being worked on."

                                                      That would be WONDERFUL. But is this the method of syncing to an attached device or something else? If it's the former, that doesn't really adress any of the situations I mentioned above. If it's more akin to a standalone file that you can share with anyone that works with Adobe's Content viewer on tablet devicve... that'd be PERFECT.


                                                      "Have patience or find another solution for publishing to tablets."

                                                      I'm currently trying to do both. Because my customers complain too. ^_^

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                                                        David Ben Level 3

                                                        @chirpieguy  i understand there are different realms of publishing, but the thing to stress (which has been stressed countless times) is that "folio" isn't some kind of new PDF format.  It wasn't created to export and distribute freely like you would a PDF.  It was created to fit directly and currently only with the ADPS solution.  As Bob expressed there are other solutions out there... want to create a brochure.. "there's an app for that"... however the larger solutions.. woodwing.. mag+.. Adobe DPS... etc.. all have the same target client in mind.

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                                                          alidabbs Level 3

                                                          No it doesn't. Hire some developers to do the work for you. For free.



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                                                            Pierluis Level 1

                                                            Hi Bend_033 and Bob,


                                                            I would like to take advantage from your experience and strong knowledge of DPS to ask a simple question: I have downloaded on my Ipad (and also on the Ipads of my friends) these two App from Itunes: "Carlsberg Annual report" and "Statoil In Brief".


                                                            They do not seem to be magazines, they are more similar to company profiles (in fact they are distributed for free) and I believe that they have been created with Adobe DPS: considering that I would like to do the same thing for a couple of my customers, do you know if at the moment I can achieve this same result by purchasing a Professional Edition License?


                                                            Instead I have also found a free App regarding BMW X3 presentation: do anyone can tell how this App have been created? I do not think it was made through Indesign and DPS.


                                                            I have bought  the Master Collection CS 5.5 and I am trying to learn which are the alternatives methods to create App for Ipad by using this great software :-)


                                                            Thanks... and sorry if my questions could appear quite silly :-)

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                                                              David Ben Level 3

                                                              Carlsberg Annual report and Statoil in brief were created with the Adobe DPS.  Kleberg & Kuttermann (who did Carlsberg) developed their apps in the pre-release program as single folio apps.  So yes you can create single folio applications with DPS....  im not entirely sure if im understanding your question.


                                                              Here's a list of other Kleberg & Kuttermann apps to check out .. all made with Adobe DPS : http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishinggallery?s=Kleberg+%26+Kuttemann


                                                              BMW's says it was published in house so it could either be another type of solution or they had a private developer do the entire app.

                                                              • 68. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                                Pierluis Level 1

                                                                Thank you Bend_033 :-)


                                                                Actually what I would like to know if at the moment the right process is:


                                                                - I create an Indesign CS 5.5. interactive file.

                                                                - I buy the "Professional Edition DPS" license.

                                                                - I transform the Indesign interactive CS 5.5. file into a single folio App which is published on Itunes (for free, with price 0).

                                                                - Everybody can download this app on their Ipad via Itunes (until 5.000 downloads included in the cost of the license for 1 year).


                                                                I am a graphic designer, not a publisher, and I need to publish catalogues and company profile (just like the Carlsberg one) but I am not sure that even if I pay the "Professional License" I will have what I need!


                                                                I am sorry to make questions like this, but believe me the situation with DPS is really not so clear and before I take the decision to buy the license I want to be sure it is suitable for my needs!


                                                                In any case thank you again for your precious reply!



                                                                • 69. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                                  David Ben Level 3

                                                                  Single folio apps have the folio built into them.. so you probably wouldn't even run out of your initial 5,000 folio grant. And yes you can set any price for your publication.  My recommendation is to contact an Adobe Partner and they can explain a lot more of that stuff in detail for you. Certain details of licensing are prohibited from being discussed in open forum, but can be discussed between you and the Adobe partner.

                                                                  • 70. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                                    jeffyerkey Level 1



                                                                    I completely agree with Bend. This sounds like exactly what you need to do -- to contact your independent ADPS representative -- not Adobe itself -- and explain what you want to do. I think you will be able to "get to yes."  There has been discussion here and elsewhere online about an "agency model" for graphic designers like you and me.


                                                                    So contact your agent and commence discussions.


                                                                    -- Jeff

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                                                                      landrvr1 Level 2

                                                                      I've said it a thousand times, and I'll say it again:  most of you have got to get this Conde Naste mentality out of your heads.  There's tons of us out here who were looking for a sideloadingalternative so that in-house promo material/brochures/sales tools could be distributed locally without using the WRETCHED Acrobat.com method.  DPS - for in-house Enterprise distribution - is almost nonsensical. So whilst I applaud Adobe for at least entertaining the notion of a local testing push method, it's total crap that a true side loading alternative couldn't have been developed - even from the starting point of a different file extension type for secure/non-sideload vs open sideloaded.  Bah.

                                                                      • 72. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!

                                                                        Hi Bob;


                                                                        As a relative newcomer to all this, but as someone who is looking for a faster solution to preview on the ipad than the cloud; has something now been put in place for this?



                                                                        • 73. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                                          Frans van der Geest Adobe Community Professional

                                                                          if you're on v20 of the tools and the producer then if you plug in your iPad, make sure the adobe content viewer is open (on the iPad) in the folio builder panel the "Preview" option should have a drop down and it should say "Preview on "your iPad's name

                                                                          • 74. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                            Yes. In release 20 create a local folio. You can use the preview button in the Folio Builder to view it on a tethered iPad.





                                                                            • 75. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                                              Johannes Eckert Level 4

                                                                              Does this already work with the app store version of the content viewer?



                                                                              • 76. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                Version 20.





                                                                                • 77. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                                                  Johannes Eckert Level 4

                                                                                  great. thank you Bob.



                                                                                  • 78. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                                                    deivisali Level 1

                                                                                    Works with Appstore Content Viewer. Confirmed

                                                                                    Works with local and 'online' folios. (Local folios are stored with online folios).


                                                                                    I've previewed a cover magazine (24Mb with video) in 30 sec. or less on my iPad....


                                                                                    It's wonderful. One year after, sideloading is back.


                                                                                    Thanks, Adobe.

                                                                                    • 79. Re: Turn Sideloading Back On!
                                                                                      landrvr1 Level 2

                                                                                      Well, it's kinda back.  It's nowhere near as open as the previous ability to simply send anyone a folio that they can load.




                                                                                      Still can't figure out why that couldn't have at least been an option.