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    Having problems importing AVI files


      I am getting an error message when trying to import an AVI file.  I converted a whole batch of MOV files to AVI files because when I imported the MOV files into Premier Elements 9 it would only play back the first five seconds of audio on each clip.  Now, only about 4 out of the 20 AVI files will import.  With the other files I get this message "This type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed."  WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!  They are all the same type of file converted from the same type of file at the same time!  WHY THE HECK will adobe import a few (and play them back fine) and not the rest!  I am seriously in tears.  I HATE  Premier at this point.  All I want is to put our family videos on DVD.  I have spent HOURS just trying to get Premier to recognize the clips.  Seriously?!? 

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          AVIs and MOVs are packages. What matters is the codec that forms the files. You can convert a video to an AVI -- but if it's not an AVI using the DV codec, you've converted it to a less compatible file.


          What model of camcorder is your original  Quicktime video from and what format and resolution is it?


          When you started your Premiere Elements project, which project settings did you select?


          Also, what operating system are you using?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            In the conversion process, what CODEC was chosen?


            As Steve points out, "AVI," and "MOV," are but containers, or wrappers. This ARTICLE goes into more detail on what can be inside those, and how to "peek inside the wrapper," but as you used a conversion program, you should know what you chose.


            That will be the key.


            Good luck,



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              byusunshine Level 1

              I've read and re-read that article, as it is cited MANY times in this forum.  I don't think the codec being installed is the problem, as I converted the clips from the SAME camera using the SAME conversion program, at the SAME time.  And PE9 would only open about a sixth of them.  Since it IS importing, playing, and allowing me to add them to a project, I am thinking the codec must be there, but for some reason PE9 is having a meltdown.  Just to try it out, I closed the program and reopenned it to see if it would download it with a fresh start.  Sure enough it imported one, but the next one I tried, I got the same old message.  So I closed it again and reopened it.  Tried to import the clip that had been denied previously, and voila, it imported it and played beautifully.  Tried to do another one, no dice.  Closed and opened Premiere AGAIN!!!!  Once again it imported the previously denied clip, but would not import again.  After closing and opening it one more time I tried to do a batch import (thinking it only works once, maybe it will take them all at one time), no dice...didn't even import one, and then wouldn't import again. UGH!  It is possessed, or has some glitch, and I wish someone here could tell me what it is!  I think I am to the point of writing an extremely nasty letter to Adobe!  I DO NOT have time to open and close Premiere EVERY time I want to add a clip.  I went and counted the files I have left to import.  27!!!!!!!  Rediculous!

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                byusunshine Level 1

                Do you have a conversion program that would use a more "friendly" codec for Adobe Premiere.  Preferably one that is free.  I don't care what type of file they become so long as Premiere will recognize it.  I have already tried to install the codec for the MOV files when I was having issue with them.  Spent hours finding the codec and installing it.  IT DIDN"T WORK! 

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  If a file with a particular CODEC will Import, and edit, but not with another file, there are only two things that I can imagine, that would cause this:


                  1. The problem file does not have the same CODEC
                  2. The file is corrupted in some fashion


                  I cannot imagine any other scenarios, that would cause what you observe.


                  What is the CODEC in those files?

                  Where did they come from, make/model of camcorder?


                  Maybe others have more thoughts that will help you.


                  Good luck,



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    The main conversion program, that I use, is shareware, DigitalMedia Converter (Deskshare), and I have an older version, 2.7, that has been replaced. My older version cost US$ 49, IIRC.


                    For MOV files, I often use Apple's QuickTime Pro, with is an upgrade/unlock, that costs ~US $29.


                    With those MOV files, what CODEC is used in them?


                    There are certain CODEC's, often seen in the MOV wrapper, that are Mac-specific, and there is no PC version available. The FCP AIC (Apple Intermediate CODEC) is one of those.


                    If one has SD (Standard Definition) material, on a PC, the ideal format is AVI, but specifically with the MS DV/DVC CODEC. Those files will Import perfectly, and edit smoothly.


                    Now, when it comes to CODEC's, I always recommend finding out the exact CODEC needed, and then downloading and installing only that/those. I always try to go "to the source" for my CODEC's, and will pay for a commercial CODEC from the originator, rather than install some free version of it. I also shun any CODEC "packs," as many can cause all sorts of problems.


                    Please let us know what the CODEC/CODEC's is/are, and then perhaps we can offer a bit more direction.


                    Good luck,



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