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    Digital Media Yearbook With InDesign


      Hi all,

      I just stumbled upon this community and it looks like I will be frequenting it often

      to get answers to my questions and to hopefully answer questions myself.

      I'm not looking for tips on how to use InDesign, but rather in ways I can implement it.

      Our school is interested in producing a Digital Yearbook and distributing it most like by CD/DVD.


      A few months ago our yearbook adviser asked everyone to present a concept idea.

      I used InDesign to create a flash file with two sample pages. It had animations and contained

      videos, audio, and photo slideshows along with body copy.


      The main problem is I don't know how to package the material in an efficient way.

      I would really like to package the whole thing in a viewer (controls for zooming in and out and navigation)

      but I don't know if that sort of solution exists. Something among the lines

      of Adobe Content Viewer for desktop.


      Another issue would be file management. When exporting a .swf, Indesign creates a folder with your media. Would that be pratical

      to simply burn the .swf file along with the media folder onto a DVD? Or should I opt for something more secure and straightforward? (ie.

      you pop in the disc and the .swf file automatically opens)


      I know I am covering a lot of ground here, but I would appreciate all the answers I can get.


      Thanks so much!


      EDIT: Btw, we are planning on using CS6 Design Standard

      on Mac.

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          At risk of sounding very old fashioned here, I would seriously question a strategy of producing a digital yearbook on a CD/DVD especially in lieu of a printed volume.




          A yearbook is the type of product that needs to have longevity. Will CD/DVD media be mainstream ten to fifteen years from now, much less thirty, forty, or fifty years? Will SWF files be commonly displayable at that time?


          There were those who advocated such electronic yearbooks back in the mid 1990s in lieu of printed yearbooks. They ended up with Windows 3.1 executable files with proprietary image formats on CDs. Many of the CDs are no longer physically readable and the the Windows 3.1 16-bit executable files are effectively useless.


          Something for you to think about ...


                    - Dov

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            ubuntujackie Level 1

            I understand your points completely.

            We will still have our paper book, but our digital yearbook is now

            just a way to explore other media applications. We don't

            want to replace our yearbook and its permanence, but please think of it has an inexpensive add

            on for bonus content on your computer.