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    PDF optimisation and single image quality


      Hi. I have a bit of a problem. I work for a small publication and we provide on our online service a PDF copy of the paper in PDF format. In order to make the PDF a decent size for downloading, we have a set of presets defined in distiller. This has worked fine for us for many years, but as everyone here would know, it requires image quality to be downsized. Fair enough. Most images display fine and we don't get many complaints.


      We do have a bit of a problem though. Some image objects, such as a few scrabble puzzles, which are mostly text (very small text) do become a bit illegible. Obviously it would be preferable to embed these as PDF objects, but the are supplied in image format so we have to make do. I was wondering if it is somehow possible to target a few individual images when optimising, so that we can set them as high wuality without affecting the size of the whole document?


      We produce the document in inDesign CS 2 on OS X Leopard (unfortunately we can't upgrade due to legacy software used in other areas) which is then exported to PDF on a machine running CS 5 on OS X Lion.