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    Subscriptions and Multiple Devices


      Hi, please could someone let me know if it's possible to have the same subscription on multiple devices, or it's a bug.


      We have a couple of iPads that are signed in using the same apple ID but only 1 device will allow you to download any issues and the other wants you to pay for them again.


      Any issues that are bought seperatly can be download to any device, but for some reson the subscriptions are tied to one.


      If we then produced and iPhone version using renditions, would this mean that you can only download any subcribed issues to either the iPad or iPhone not both as you would expect?





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          Many of our readers are very upset because they have the same problem.

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            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

            If you set up renditions properly and created a universal app (iPad and iPhone), your customers should be entitled to the same content on the iPhone that they purchased on the iPad, or vice-versa. For subscription apps, your Folio Name, Product ID, and Publication Date settings must be identical.

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              Baldy.Baldwin Level 1

              Hi Bob,


              You say thats what should happen, but will it ?


              I see that Apple state that auto-subscriptions are treated the same as non-consumables, meaning you can download any purchase to any device as long as you use the same Apple ID, so If I have read it correctly, this would mean that you should be able to download anything that you have purchased to any device.... like I say, this worked for a single purchase, but not for a subscription : (


              Both renditons (1024/2048) have exactly the same details/dates etc.


              Single purchases can be download onto both iPad2/iPad3, but if its part of a subscription then you can only download them to one device and ther other states you have to purchase them again, but interestingly, the subscription box/button does not show so it knows that you have subscribed but wants you to pay for them again : /



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                Siduno Level 1

                Here, Adobe wrote: http://helpx.adobe.com/digital-publishing-suite/kb/subscription-purchase-doesnt-change-fol io.html

                When a subscription is purchased, the entitlement algorithm entitled all folios with publication date values that are more recent than the subscription start timestamp. If there isn't a future folio that matches this requirement, it instead entitles the most recent, previous retail folio, based on the publication date metadata.

                In cases where this algorithm doesn't meet the needs of its customers, Adobe is actively pursuing fixes for future releases.

                Why Adobe make a mess and the costumers need to pay the consequences?

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                  Baldy.Baldwin Level 1

                  This just gets better : /


                  Right then, we are using v20 (May 8) and all the 'subscribed' issues are labled 'buy' not just the lastest issue.


                  Further testing, are you ready for this....


                  Delete the app

                  Re-installed via the app store

                  launch app then select re-store purchases

                  = 'buy' on all issues within the subscription period



                  Restart iPad (power off)

                  Launch viewer app

                  = 'purchased' as you would expect


                  As soon as you then select 'restore all purchaes', 'buy' button then returns


                  A bug me thinks!!!

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                    Alo Lohrii Adobe Employee

                    If you are logged in on the other devices with the same Apple ID u have used to subscribe to the magazine, you should get a pop up option "restore purchase" the first time you launch the app. If you missed the notification, go to the top right hand corner of the app and click on the "settings" and choose "restore purchase"


                    Hope this helps



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                      Baldy.Baldwin Level 1

                      That's the problem, as soon as you hit 'restore' the buttons then change to 'buy' but then if you restart the device the buttons are then as expected, 'download'

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                        Alo Lohrii Adobe Employee

                        Ok, so when you hit "restore all purchase" on the other devices other than the one from where the subscription was purchased, it ask you to enter the password for the Apple ID using which your are logged in to the device. Double check and make sure the e-mail ID shown is the same as the e-mail ID using which the subscription was purchased. Othwise, go to iPad settings and log out of store and login with the "subscription purchased e-mail ID" and restore the purchased again. This should entitled any subscribed/purchased folio on other devices too if logged in and restored with the same Apple ID.

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                          Baldy.Baldwin Level 1

                          Yes, both devices are logged in as the same Apple ID, hitting restore either way results in 'buy', then if you simply restart the device after trying this it then changes to 'download' (purchased) when the viewer is launch.


                          Just to add, single purchases work fine ie., you don't need to restart the device to get the 'download' button, this seams to only effect anything within the subscription period.

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                            Alo Lohrii Adobe Employee

                            We want to double check and find out the root cause, reproduce the same at our end. Please call DPS support team with your Contract information provided in your Welcome e-mail.

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                              Richard Brammer

                              We are getting a report from a user that seems to have a similar problem. Has this already been fixed?

                              He also get's the error message

                              erneute Gewährung fehlgeschlagen - Bitte kaufen sie zuerst das Softwareprogramm

                              which is something like: "renewal failed - Please purchase the software application first".

                              The user bought a subscription half a year ago, it was renewed a few days ago. He is now unable to download the issues, event hough his subscription is active he would need to buy them first.


                              Thanks in advance for any help.