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    Problems with the CS6 Master Collection disk image (invalid checksum)


      I have problems downloading the trial for CS6 Master Collection for MacOS X.


      I've tried downloading using the Download Assistant, both as a privileged and an unprivileged user, and have also tried the direct download as both privileged and unprivileged. Each time I've waited until the download was complete before trying to install, but every time the disk image fails to open, complaining of an "invalid checksum".


      I've tried mounting the disk image without validating the checksum, but while I can then run the installer, the installation fails due to lack of privileges – again, this is regardsless of user privileges. I've also tried deleting the preferences and cache-files for Download Assistant, but to no avail.


      Can anyone confirm that the english version of the CS6 Master Collecion disk image is working and can be mounted without error on MacOS X 10.7? I have now downloaded and re-downloaded the disk image at least eight times, and while I have a fast Internet-connection, this is getting tedious.