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    What is the best practices workflow from illustrator to flash in cs 6?


      Hello- question from an illustrator to flash workflow n00b.


      I'm creating a flash experience with animated characters.

      I'm building my art assets in illustrator.

      I've found it relatively easy & straightforward to import assets from illustrator into flash.

      I can conveniently import my layers and symbols from illustrator as separate layers and symbols in flash and manipulate them.


      However, let's say after import I want to change something with an asset using illustrator. For example, I have a character with facial features, including eyes. I want to change the eyes in illustrator and have those changes then be propogated in some way- automagically or manually- in flash.


      What is the right way to do this? Are there best practices for being able to go back and forth between flash and illustrator?


      Thank you!

      ~ sae