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    stroked type in ID not aligning w/stroke in PDF

    David Cardillo

      I have a weird situation, and I'm thinking it's related to the particular font, not anything in InDesign, per se.


      I have some black type with a tiny (.05pt) stroke applied in ID (CS5.5). Everything looks fine on screen. However when I export a PDF, the type doesn't align with the strokes — it's as if different kerning/tracking has been applied to the type, but not the strokes. It's not all the type, and not on every line, but most of it has this "ghosting" or "halo" look to it when you zoom in to the PDF.


      We've run similar type treatments in different fonts, and this didn't happen. I've tried a variety of PDF export settings (Press Quality, PDF/X-4, 1a) even exporting to IDML and bringing it into CS4. I'm not changing the fonts to outlines (I've read threads about how outlined text w/strokes caused issues) and there is no transparency. (As a test, I did try Isolate Blending and flattening, but that rastered all the type into jaggy bitmaps.)


      There's also something I haven't normally seen (because I don't normally look) but it looks like the font is listed twice in the Fonts list in the Document settings — once ansi encoded and once again with Custom encoding.


      This is what makes me think it's the font.