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    InCopy for Translation?


      Sorry if this is a repetitive thread - I couldn't seem to find anything posted on translations.


      I am a one person marketing department, well versed in InDesign and translation the old fashioned cut n paste solution .. Being pressed for time - I'm looking to maximize on my time spent.


      Can InCopy be used by my translators to remotly (from the other side of the world in most cases) translate my InDesign documents?  What do I need to set this up? Do I need to purchase InCopy for each of them?  Or is there some sort of online function I can use.  Do I need to have an InDesign Server?


      Sorry if these sound like really basic questions - I've never used InCopy before and have no idea where to even look for the answers!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The answer is yes, it can be used for that. Yes, they need to have InCopy. You do not need InCopy and you most certainly don't need InDesign Server.


          For a less expensive option check out StoryTweaker from Rorohokio:





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            vivo-erica Level 1

            Thanks Bob - that looks like it's just what I'm looking for!  I'll try it out with some colleagues next week!


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              I've another problem as a translator in that the files i receive for translation are badly segmented. Speaking to my client they do not seem to understand what could be changed on their side to help with the segmentation. As bad as it is to have poor segmentation, so that sentences are broken up over 3 or 4 different translation units, when the client changes the formatting on their side,  the previous translation units are lost as the application segments them in a different way.

              Has anyone else come across this, and if so can they suggest something to resolve this?


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                Hi Bob. I actually saw you at the CS6 announcemnt in NYC. Great stuff. Do you have any intel on other translation plug-ins or add-ons for DPS? Any counsel would be appreciated.

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                  agopaul Level 1

                  Using InCopy for translating documents is an option, especially now that InCopy price is lower than years ago (its price was cut last year I believe: https://indesignsecrets.com/adobe-reduces-incopy-cc-subscription-fee.php).


                  That said, InCopy was meant to be used by copywriters rather than translators, and so it lacks basic tools that pretty much all translation software have (eg. translation memories, pre-translation using past TMs, etc).


                  You should probably try a translation tool that supports InDesign files out of the box (Redokun is specific for InDesign, but there are quite a few of them around that work with IDML) and see what the results are.


                  As for the segmentation problem mentioned in one of the comments above, the only thing to keep in mind is that the designers should know how (or be instructed) to use soft and hard returns appropriately. Translation tools treat soft-returns as part of the same sentence and don't segment by it, whereas hard-returns are considered as limiters of the paragraphs (and therefore produce a new segment every time).