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    Still getting emails



      With kind help from the forum my problem has now been solved, although I was still getting email notifications from every  topic, after advice I was directed to the "email notification preferences" where I think I stopped all notifications by putting a spot in "NO" for every preference, although I would like to leave my own topic open for emails for a little longer.

      Unfortunately I am still inundated with email notifications for each topic on the forum, have I missed something? as my inbox is still full of email notifications which I would like to stop, regards Robert.  

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          pwillener Level 8

          There are two steps involved into this process

          1. changing the preferences
          2. unsubscribing from every subscribed forum & topic


          I am moving your topic to the Forum Comments forum.

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            tyler4402 Level 1

            Hi again, I thought that I had unsubscibed by putting "NO" in all the "email notification preferences" Regards Robert.

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              adobe-admin Adobe Employee

              Those settings are for “Future” discussions. Those don’t affect subscriptions you already have set up.


              To change your existing notifications:

              Go to Your Stuff at the top of any forum page

              Click on Profile

              Click on Manage Email Notifications in the Actions panel


              This will bring up a list of all your subscriptions where you can select individual ones to remove or you can click the box at the top of the list to select all on the page and then click Remove at the bottom of the page.