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    RoboHelp not updating FrameMaker variables


      I have a RoboHelp project linked to a FrameMaker book. 


      I've updated the product version variable to 5.8 in FrameMaker...




      ..but RoboHelp still shows the old version, 5.1...



      I have checked the Frame-to-RH linkage by trying to re-link the book, and RoboHelp tells me it's already linked.


      I can change the text in the FrameMaker file (adding words to the subtitle, for example) and the changes do show up in the RH output. So I know RH is reading the right FM file and updating to my latest changes in that file.


      But it won't update the FrameMaker variable from what FrameMaker said it was at the time the RoboHelp project was created. This error appears in the file-edit view in RoboHelp, and in the generated output in both the WebHelp and JavaHelp layouts.