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    Bad character spacing w/ Acrobat X, was fine with Acrobat 8


      I am converting a word document to pdf within MS Word using pdfmaker. Same original MS Word document in both cases, Times New Roman font, regular 11 pt.


      One conversion is being done on older WinXP/SP2 system using Word2000 and Acrobat 8 pro, and the result looks fine. 

      The other is being done on a new Win7 system using Word2010 and Acrobat X pro, and the result is poor - a kerning or other kind of spacing problem so that every letter 'i' and 'j' is shifted to the right.  Other letters are affected as well, though to lesser degrees.


      The conversion settings appear to be identical.  The Word file looks fine on both machines.  The pdf files look as they do below on both machines (it is not a viewer problem, must be a conversion problem)


      I would sure appreciate some help fixing the new system - thanks!