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    Pointing link to specific tab from other Url (using templates)


      Hi Everyone,


      I have used this approach to call the specific the tab by using ID -

      Using Links to open tabs



      Which work great in the following scenario : Default template with there respective pages.

      (please note the tabs are in the page and not template)


      Now the challenge which I am facing is:


      I have a indexpage which has also the template. Now the index template is having the sub menus so I tried to tweaked

      and put the following code:


      <a href="1.html?tab=PanelThree" > link to other tab  </a>


      Also I tried the following thing


      <a href="1.html?tab=Panelthree#TabbedPanels1" > link to other tab  </a>


      But to avail can I someone please provide some solutions to it.



      PS: I have used dreameavercs5 for this.





      Thank You

      Rohit Yog