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    Does Size Matter?


      Curious, why would someone choose to build a 2048x1536 InDesign doc instead of 1024x768? Is there some sort of advantage I'm not picking up on?

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          Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

          There is no advantage, and our recommendation is to work in InDesign at 1024x768. It's not until you add the file to your folio in Folio Builder that you specify what the actual output number of pixels is.



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            IndoorsDave Level 1

            Thanks Neil! I've be seeing various questions about building folios at the 2048x1536 size and for the life of me, couldn't figure out why people would do it.

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              Anselm Hannemann Level 1

              The advantage is if you publish for iPad3 and creating a PNG-folio you have the iPad3 quality. If you are using PDF-folio, there's no advantage. But problem with 2048px folios is performance which is veey bad and leads to crashes on iPad1.

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                Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

                Careful: you need to distinguish between the size of the InDesign document and the size of the folio. There is no advantage to creating an InDesign document larger than 1024x768. When you create your folio in Folio builder you can specify 2048x1536 as the dimensions to get a folio with high enough resolution for the new iPad, using the source InDesign document that was done at 1024x768.



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                  gardnermag Level 1

                  Wouldn't there be an advantage in making sure that the images you place are a high enough resolution at 100% on a 2048x1536 layout? Instead of having them 100% on a 1024x768 layout and too small when exported higher-resolution?

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                    Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

                    When placing images you can use the higher resolution image in a 1024x768 layout. The frame size determines the space the image takes on the page. If you use a high-res image, at export time it will be scaled appropriately for the smaller layout.



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                      gardnermag Level 1

                      I'm concerned more with the larger layout -- when I export a 1024x768 file up to 2048x1536, having the images not look high-res enough.


                      I realize Adobe's recommended workflow is to design at the 1024 size -- mostly, it seems, so that all our 'old' rules about pixel dimensions for fonts and whitespace are still true (body copy should be 16pix), and we don't have to recalculate what we already know. But I come from a print design background, and don't have the preconceived rules. So I can't wrap my head around why I would design for the smaller size and cross my fingers that it looks good when it scales up? Why not just design for the larger resolution and have it scale down? It's all a matter of proportion, right?


                      And if the answer is still that I should design at 1024x768, what resolution images should I be placing in that indd file to make sure they look good on a retina screen export?

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                        Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

                        Have you gone through our DPS publishing guidance for iPad? Check out http://wwwimages.adobe.com/www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/digitalpublishingsuit e/pdfs/dps-ipad3-bestpractice-apr2012.pdf, I believe it will help with your questions.


                        Either approach you take (design big or design small) I believe you still wind up having to cross your fingers You are either betting that InDesign will scale down properly, or betting InDesign scale up properly.



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                          gardnermag Level 1

                          Thanks Neil! I am actually reading through the version of that doc that was released in March -- glad to find this updated one.


                          Thanks again for your help

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                            gtburg Level 1

                            Sorry to drag up an old thread but I'm just getting my head around all this.


                            Can you confirm if what I've got below is correct. I'm a print designer traditionally so have kind of taken it back to a physical way of thinking.


                            Working on the long edge:

                            iPad 1&2 is 1024px @ 72ppi  (this works out with a document of 361.2mm)

                            iPad 3 is 2048px @144ppi   (this works out with a document of 361.2mm)


                            So in essence, if you are thinking in print terms, we are creating a document of 361.2mm for both versions but placing different resolution images placed in. i.e. iPad 1&2 drop in images with 72ppi @ 100% and for the iPad 3 images with 144ppi @ 100%.


                            Obviously the document is set up at 1024x768px not in mm.


                            Convoluted? Yes, but I now have a grasp on how it works instead of doing what I'm told.

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                              Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

                              It's not the way I think of it, but your end result is right: 72ppi for the iPad 1/2 and 144ppi for the iPad 3.