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    "Unable to set maximum number of files to be opened." in CS6, on two computers

    amcoWork Level 1

      I continue to get this message on my CS6 Illustrator install, and it prevents the launch of the software


      I know about this forum posting:



      But I am intentionally double posting as:


      • There has been nothing from an Adobe rep on this subject in a while.
      • The other post has "trial" in the heading and I don't want that to be a distraction from the issue.  This is happening on paid versions of the software.
      • I want to be clear that it is happening on two machines
      • Neither machine has ever had the SMART whiteboard software installed on it
      • Neither machine appear to have any of the terminal-accessible files that apparently effect this sort of thing
      • One of the two machines is essentially a clean OS install and only has Adobe & MS software on it
      • This problem happens intermitantly, sometimes showing up and sometimes not.  A restart is required to even have a chance of not experiencing the issue.


      This problem needs a real solution from Adobe.