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    muse publishes to trial site again - and site not working on safari at least




      my site was working just fine until about an hour ago. now it doesn't load on my safari, although it does load on my iPhone and whatever the namecheap.com live chat man was using.



      Also, I don't know if this is related, but when I click publish from Muse, it now publishes to the trial site, whereas it was publishing to the real domain - www.niramayayoga.co.uk - until that hour ago. I am actually feeling pretty crushed about this because I have been working like crazy to get this ready for my big client mailout, which I did, so directing everyone to view a site which doesn't work.


      nb I haven't hooked it up to a new domain name, it was one I had a site on with wix. I have now unplugged that old wix site.


      could it be related to the fact that I ticked "enable online editing" so as to get a web form? I have since disabled that feature to no avail.


      please help! I am in total despair!!



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          T.J. Harrison Level 2

          Hi Sarah,


          Unless you've solved your problem since you posted this, I can say that your site looks fine on my copy of Safari. Is it publishing to a different address than the one you posted here? (www.niramayayoga.co.uk) if so, can you post that address?


          If everyone that you've spoken with is seeing the site fine but you are not, It is possible that you are experiencing caching problems. Try holding down the shift key while pressing the refresh button, or clearing your browser's cache.

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            sarahanne2727 Level 1

            Hi TJ,


            I think the DNS redelegation was perhaps unstable at first and switched back and forth a few times.


            If it had been a problem your end, I think leaving customers for 2 days without a response is unnacceptable. I feel that I took a big risk using such new and buggy software for something so important, and the least you guys could do is provide prompt support.


            I also think it might be worth mentioning in the step by step instructions for hooking up the domain name that the MX records also need to be rerouted.


            also, if somebody could tell me if there is any way of fixing these little problems I would greatly appreciate it:


            1. my webform from BC doesn't show the boxes for putting in your details. also, if they are side by side, you can't see the image I want next to it. I have to put the image above the webform for it to show up.


            2. my imported html paypal buttons move when I preview/publish.


            3. the spacing on some text goes weird, eg the description of upcoming courses on this page: http://www.niramayayoga.co.uk/courses.html


            many thanks,