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    Frame 10 crashes when I try to save the book file




      I open Frame docs that constitute a book, along with the book file. After working for a while, I save All Files In Book. This used to work just fine, but for the last couple of weeks it has been making Frame crash.


      Frame also crashes if I'm not in the book file but try to save All Open Files, or if I try to save only the book file.


      The docs were created in Frame 8, but I have had them open and changed and resaved them multiple times for the past several months with no issues until now.


      I have recreated the book, but the same thing happens.


      Has there been a recent update that might have affected this somehow? Or must I just stop using this helpful feature and save each chapter separately, and hope that the book file won't corrupt anything when I generate using it?


      This has been quite frustrating, especially since it's a new development without any cause I can readily see.


      Thanks for any help you can give.