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    Sequence Quiz: User generated variables?

    SavvyEd Newcomer

      I want to create an activity that will allow users to enter their own tasks and then use the sequence quiz funcitonality to order them. It would be perfect if I could include some default items and then allow them to enter their own as well. Is this possible?

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          Lilybiri Legend

          Just tried it out but as I suspected, you cannot insert variables in text captions on question slides. Or better: you can insert them but they will not show the value in the variable when published, just literally '$$var$$'.


          It could be possible if you are willing to create a custom question slide. But if you want the normal drag- functionalities you'll need a Drag&Drop Interactive widget (InfoSemantics). Or could you cope with having a drop down list to choose a number for the sequence?



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            RodWard Mythic

            Funny you should mention using the Drag and Drop widgets.  We had a customer last week using our Interactive Drag and Drop widget to do something like this.


            She had users enter text into several text captions on an initial slide.  Each TEB was associated with a User Variable to store the text entered.


            Then on the next slide she used the Interactive Drag and Drop widget with several text captions as the drag objects.  Each text caption displayed the text stored in one of the user variables from the previous slide.


            The user was required to drag and drop these objects onto targets to organise or group them.  The purpose of the exercise was not to achieve a correct or incorrect answer but rather just to get the user engaged in brainstorming suggestions and then organising them.


            Perhaps something similar would workd for SavvyEd?

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              SavvyEd Newcomer

              Thank you for you help everyone! This forum is amazing.


              I do have the Drag and Drop widget and thought of this solution. However, I

              run into screen real estate issues when I have to account for the objects

              AND the targets. I need to mull over my ultimate objective and make sure

              I'm approaching this the right way. Thank you!

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                SavvyEd Newcomer

                So, I settled on reducing the number of variables so they will fit on the screen comfortably and using the drag and drop widget. Here is another question: To give my learners the ultimate flexibility, I will make all the items user-defined variables and just provide some default values that they can keep, revise, or type over. Is there a way to turn the Sumbit button for each TEB into a check box that the learner can check and uncheck? This way they can be thoughtful about which things they are choosing and select/deselct during the decision process. Ultimately, when they are happy with the wording of the items and the ones they have chosen by checking the box, they will click Sumbit and go to the next slide where they will see their items ready for drag-and-drop ordering. Any variable TEBs they did not check will not show up on the drag-and-drop slide, thus decluttering the stage even more.

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                  RodWard Mythic

                  This is now getting a little fancy, but it's an interesting problem.


                  There is no default way in Captivate to change the button from a TEB into a checkbox.  But you can change the button into a transparent button so that it's not visible to the user.  It then becomes sort of a clickbox instead.  There are checkbox widgets you can use, but whether they will work if the TEB transparent button is over the top or underneath them is something you'd have to test to be sure.  Normally each clickable object will only register one click and Captivate doesn't usually let you register clicks on multiple objects from the same action.


                  If you were able to rig this part of the interaction up some how so that User Variables displayed by captions on the drag and drop slide were either populated or left empty by the user, you could then have a Conditional Advanced Action triggered On Slide Enter to check which variables were still empty and then HIDE the relevant text captions that would have displayed those variables.  But you might hit a snag here.  I have a feeling that if you HIDE any of the drag objects that the Drag and Drop Widget needs, it might stop working.  You'll need to test this to see if there are unforeseen side effects.


                  Assuming you were able to safely hide empty text captions, you would then end up with only the same number of draggable captions as the user had specified on the previous slide.

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                    SavvyEd Newcomer

                    The reason I wanted the checkboxes was so the learner did not have to

                    provide all the items on their own. I could provide some suggested ones

                    through the default value, but give them the ability to edit that value, if

                    they chose to.  Hmmm, I feel like there has to be a way to do this. There

                    are checkboxes users can check and uncheck in quizzes and then submit their

                    final choices. This is that, but I need them to be able to submit their

                    choice variables to the system.


                    I think I will go with a simpler solution for now to move forward, but this

                    is something I can see myself using in the future for something like

                    scenarios (Choose the tools you want, or Choose the best references to use,


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                      RodWard Mythic

                      What I really like about all this is that this is now the second time in just over a week where a Captivate author is using custom variables displayed in drag and drop components. Something we never even thought of when we created the Drag and Drop widgets.  I love the way Captivate authors can push the envelope like this. Sure there are limits and you will always hit them sooner or later. But overall, Captivate is very flexible.

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                        Lilybiri Legend



                        Have been sleeping while you were discussing with Rod. I really like the challenge here, would love to help you out (with the advanced actions) if you want me to. Only condition: to allow me to blog about the solution. It is easier if you could provide me with an example, so that I do not have to create everything from scratch. I do have the D&D interactive widget, love it BTW (as I do love the Eventhandler and Mastery widget as well). You can contact me by Private message if you do not want to do this publicly. Do not think that Rod will mind...


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                          RodWard Mythic

                          Go for it Lilybiri!

                          Every good example of how these widgets can enhance Captivate helps to sell more widgets.  You won't hear any complaints from me about that.

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                            SavvyEd Newcomer

                            That would be fantastic! You guys are so great. I can send you my project or I can post it somewhere. I'm a little embarrassed to have you see it because I'm sure it's sloppy as all get-out (stuff not labeled). This is my first real Captivate project, but even I know I should be labeling things as I go. I will private message you to work out any file swapping that needs to happen.


                            I am having a problem now that you might be able to help me with where my drag objects are not landing in my target objects! I'm not sure what the deal is. I made sure the drag objects were on a layer on top. I deleted and readded all the target objects to make sure Captivate knew where they were on the stage. See the screencast for the behavior. It's like Captivate things my target objects are northwest of where they actually are.



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                              SavvyEd Newcomer

                              I just did a super-simple drag and drop interaction to see if I somehow gunked it up with all my stuff, but you can see here that it still isn't working. I'm dropping the object in its target, but it's jumping up and to the left.


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                                Lilybiri Legend

                                Thought so....

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                                  RodWard Mythic

                                  Can you show us a screenshot of the snapping Preferences in your Drag and Drop Widget?

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                                    RodWard Mythic

                                    One more thing: Please be aware that Shape objects are not supported as either drag objects or target objects with the Drag and Drop widgets.  This is because due to the way Shape objects are designed in Captivate their registration point for snapping always ends up being right in the top-left corner of the slide.  So they don't give you predictable snapping behaviour.


                                    From looking at your screencast, it looks like you might be using a shape object as either drag objects or target.


                                    You can still maintain the LOOK of your interaction by using the Shape object as a background object and placing a highlight box over it to act as the ACTUAL target object.  Just set the preference option to Hide Target Objects at Runtime so that the highlight box is not visible.  This way it will LOOK like the drag objects are snapping to your Shape object but in fact they are snapping to the invisible highlight box instead.