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    Need Detailed description of the differences between Adobe Flash Player Plugin and Shockwave Flash

    gbye Level 1

      For many years now I have been in a quandry over Adobe Flash (plugin) and Shockwave flash. The quandry is also somewhat exacerbated by the variety of subsetted versions supplied for each.

      You know, it is sorta like the name and namespace dilemna provided by Adobe's continuing use of "Macromedia" when sometimes referring to, or distributing, their products... eg still creating Macromedia folders during installs. 


      I have been told that Shockwave Flash actually contains the Flash plugins. If that is the case should I be upgrading to a newer Shockwave Flash version if  Adobe announces or (as recently occurred) denounces

      a newer version of Adobe Flash.


      Will you please provide me with details for, and distinctions between, these two products?


      Hoping you can respond in a flash ... er... two flashes.