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    AAM Won't Install - Admin Rights Required


      Hi Folks,


      Win7 64bit.


      I've just signed up for Creative Cloud and am trying to install the AAM so I can access a few Adobe installers and get setup.  I just crossgraded from Photoshop 5 CS and Dreamweaver, both of which previously installed no problem.   To access CC applications, you have to download and install the AAM.   When installing, it tells me admin permissions are required.   I've tried right-clicking and running as administrator - same error.   I've tried to run the MS fixit tool - no change.   I've tried to install Adobe Air, it won't install - it hangs on the EULA screen by opening more of the same screen over and over.  


      Can anyone point me in the right direction?   This is a new-ish machine and nothing has changed on it since installing PS CS5 and DW a few months back.  



      Many thanks in advance,




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          Continued searching and found this post:




          All I had to do was download the AAM from the link (you'll have to manually enter the file id from the end of the appropriate link as it's not hotlinked), ran that installer and it has worked.  I can now see and download all the Creative Cloud applications.


          Fingers x'd that these work as expected. 






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            Alright, well not quite there.  Seems that now the AAM won't let me install PS citing admin rights needed.   When I run the AAM with the rightclick Run As Admin option, I don't get to see the applications to download, instead it checks for updates to existing applications which I can't use anymore!!!  




            EDIT -


            So I've now completely followed the above linked post, renamed the folders and files, no change.   I then created a NEW administrator account - no change.



            I guess I have to contact support directly. 

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Have you tried creating a new local administrator account and trying the installation under the new user account?

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                tarungarg2001 Adobe Employee

                Please explain in more details the scenario (with screenshot) about the admin privilege error.

                Can you please share all the files from following location :




                Thanks for the cooperation.

                - Adobe Engineer

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                  Hi Jeff,


                  Forgot this thread was here - yes I have created a NEW administrator account and attempted everything under that account.  No success.


                  tarungarg2001 - please find the screen shot below.   also attaching screen shot listing contents for the adobedownload folders - I have two on my system apparently - you can find the address bars of each in the shot.




                  adobe sshot.png

                  temp folders.png


                  Thanks for any help you can give me.  

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                    I have to say that my CC experience is a tad disappointing.   I have to download the apps I use as Trial's which will undoubtedly cause me headaches in 30 days, as opposed to being able to use the AAM the way it was intended.



                    Any thoughts Jeff or tarungarg2001?  






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                      UPDATE:   Instead of letting the AAM try to download and install it's own update, which always failed due to admin permissions, see above, I googled Adobe Application Manager, found a download for version 6.2 at this link:




                      Downloaded and installed and now it opens properly like it used to.


                      Hope other folks figure their issues out!





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                        tarungarg2001 Adobe Employee

                        Hi Rob,


                        Is your issue resolved ? Let us know if you need any help.



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                          Hi Taurn,


                          The issue seemed to be resolved until I tried to open the AAM today, when it began again to do it's self-update process, and again it's failing due to admin priviledges.      I have a trial of LIghtroom that was the work around until it was added to the Creative Cloud offering - and now it's expired, and I can't install through the AAM because it won't, again, update itself.  I've tried all of the suggestions found on the forum - firewall off - entry in the firewall for PDAPP.exe, new Admin account on my system.    


                          Would you have any suggestions for me?  I simply want to use the software as it was intended.     


                          And I'm going to miss a deadline while I try to get this working again.....   I will be glad when the Creative Cloud (brilliant idea on paper) system works as it should.



                          Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.





                          EDIT: (removed - sorry for the whiny tone - just frustrated)

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                            I really need some assistance here.  


                            In the hopes that it will help identify my issues, here's my PDapp.exe installation log - which I found some troubleshooting information from Adobe suggesting I look at it for errors.   There seem to be issues with finding files and values -

                            Can I send these files to you somehow?   I used the Adobe Support Applet to but it found no problems - though my install log shows warnings and errors.



                            Please help me figure this out!!!