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    AAM Won't Install - Admin Rights Required


      Hi Folks,


      Win7 64bit.


      I've just signed up for Creative Cloud and am trying to install the AAM so I can access a few Adobe installers and get setup.  I just crossgraded from Photoshop 5 CS and Dreamweaver, both of which previously installed no problem.   To access CC applications, you have to download and install the AAM.   When installing, it tells me admin permissions are required.   I've tried right-clicking and running as administrator - same error.   I've tried to run the MS fixit tool - no change.   I've tried to install Adobe Air, it won't install - it hangs on the EULA screen by opening more of the same screen over and over.  


      Can anyone point me in the right direction?   This is a new-ish machine and nothing has changed on it since installing PS CS5 and DW a few months back.  



      Many thanks in advance,