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    Reader 9.3.3 crashes the second time I print

    ljb23 Level 1

      Running Adobe Reader 9.3.3 on Slackware Linux 13.1 (Kernel, 32 bit Intel). I can print fine, but only once. The second time I try to open the print dialog, Adobe Reader closes - crashes with a segmentation fault.  This is 100% repeatable, and I don't even have to actually send anything to the printer. Just using File => Print, clicking Cancel, then again File => Print will cause the crash.


      Someone else with Slackware Linux 13.1 has reproduced this, but I know it doesn't happen with Xubuntu 10.04 on the same hardware and same Reader version. So something is going on between Reader and Slackware Linux.  Are there any suggestions that I can try to help track this down?