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    Unable to load videos using f4m file in flash player


      Hi All,


      I have developed a flash video player based on osmf, and using the FMS 4.5 to stream the videos. The FMS is installed on a separate machine, and we are accessing it from different clients.


      I am able to stream the flv, mp4 and f4v formats. But when trying to play the f4m file in the player then getting error MediaPlayerState.PLAYBACK_ERROR. The path given is: '''',


      The manifest file:

      <manifest xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/f4m/1.0">

      <id>Dynamic RTMP Streaming</id>




      <media url="mp4:Waterfall_500.f4v" bitrate="500"/>

      <media url="mp4:Waterfall_1000.f4v" bitrate="1000"/>

      <media url="mp4:Waterfall_1500.f4v" bitrate="1500"/>



      I am able to play this manifest file by giving the path as '' in the below apps :

      1) The sample video player provided with FMS.

      2) http://www.osmf.org/configurator/fmp/#


      Please help me out to resolve this issue or guide me if I am missing anything.