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    How to dismiss app.alert

    Mathias Wilkens Level 1



      I have a message that displays when opening my PDF form.


      The form will be opened several times, so I want to give users the option to dismiss the message, so it only appears the first time.


      I have tried to use a script by Ted Padova, but I cannot make it work.


      This is the code I have "borrowed":



      if(typeof(global.bShowWarning1) ==


      global.bShowWarning1 = true;

      global.bPersistWarn1 = false;




      var oCk = {bAfterValue:false};

      app.alert({cMsg:"Instructions: Fill out this form carefully and click the Submit Form button when finished.", nIcon:1,oCheckbox:oCk,cTitle:"Reminder"});

      global.bShowWarning1 = !oCk.bAfterValue;





      I get the following syntax error code:


      SyntaxError: missing: after property id

      3: at line 4

      Ln 11, Col 2



      Any help is greatly appreciated!



      PS: I am using Acrobat X pro