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    indesign cannot copy necessary linked files

    justgeig Level 1

      I've found a few threads on this issue and have tried trashing my preferences and it didn't work. The problem started as soon as we got a new NAS. We had been using an old Windows 2003 Server for many years and never were there any problems packaging. As soon as we started using this much more powerful and larger NAS, we suddenly can't package anything that has links residing on the NAS. Nothing has changed in our file structure, just the device being used to serve the files. The links reside on the network and are spread over a number of shared folders. Never had problems like this before getting the NAS. Any suggestions?


      I know that this isn't strictly an InDesign problem but trying to explain the premise of InDesign packaging and links to a group of NAS forum guys hasn't been very fruitfu so farl so I thought I'd come at this from a different point of angle. Thanks to everyone in advance!


      Edit: The NAS is a Synology Diskstation 1512+ with two 2TB drives. S.M.A.R.T. shows the drives to be in perfect working condition.