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    5.1 ac3 audio plays and exports as stereo in CS6

    eday_2010 Level 1

      I am using the trial version of Premiere Pro CS6 at the moment. I am trying to create a short video that uses an 5.1 ac3 file that I created. I know the file is 5.1 because it plays through all the speakers on my WD TV HD Live media player, as well as through VLC Player on my computer. When I import the audio into Premiere Pro CS6, it plays as stereo. The same is true for audio from the video I imported. The video (from a Panasonic TM700 camcorder) also has 5.1 surround, but plays in stereo.


      I went to Edit > Preferences > Audio and set the default audio tracks to 5.1. Under Audio Hardware, the only thing in the dropdown is Premiere Pro WDM Sound. I do not know what that is. My onboard sound card is Realtek High Definition Audio (on an Asus P9X79 Pro motherboard) and it works correctly as far as I can hear from all of my speakers.


      Under Audio Output Mapping, there are only two channels listed. Again, Premiere Pro WDM Sound is the only option, and only the left and right speakers are in the list under that.


      Does PrP CS6 not support my Realtek onboard sound? Why is it not listing all six channels?


      Thanks in advance!