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    Cannot download and install CS6 upgrade


      Cannot download and install CS6 upgrade


      I purchased CS5.5 Student during the priod just prior to the launch of CS6, and successfully checked out using the free upgrade coupon. Problem is, I can't get a working download.


      First attempt:


      Using Akamai, the download appeared to be running fine, but I noticed that after reaching 100% on the first item (the main download), it appeared to restart from the beginning, and then when entering my serial no provided by email, it comes up with 'Serial No valid but a qualifying product cannot be found on this computer. 


      Second attempt:

      I then tried to download the alternate download (normal browser download) with similar errors appearing.


      Third attempt:

      CS6 icon appears on my desk top but when I try and open it, a Trial Version appears saying I have 30 days remaining, I then press the "Launch License" button and it asks for my serial no, when I enter this no, it comes up with 'Serial No valid but a qualifying product cannot be found on this computer as in first attempt.


      Need help

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          If you are having problems with both the Akamai Download Manager and the direct download then you are likely facing an issue with your Internet connection itself.  Please try another browser and if that does not work I would recommend trying a different Internet Service Provider.  You can also contact our support team to order replacement media.

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            waynenanasi1955 Level 1

            Hi, my browser is up to date, my provider is very good, I think that you are trying to palm me off, I have read the forum in adobe & it seems a lot of customers are having the same problem , I have paid for CS5 on the condition that I could get CS6 upgraded for free, if this cannot be achieved I wish to get my refund back, and will purchase somewhere else.





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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Waynenanasi1955 many of the issues reported in the forum are related to the use of the Adobe Download Assistant with a root cause of trying to save to the Program Files/Applications folder.  This causes a variety of issues due to not having sufficient permissions to write to these directory.  Basically the Adobe Download Assistant would require administrator access to download the install files to this location.


              For the Akamai download manager, which is utilized for some of our trials and purchased products, users typically have less difficulties.  There are occasionally users who have problems with the installation but that does not appear to be your circumstances.


              I am the most concerned that you are unable to even successfully complete a direct download.  This is why I have offered the suggestion to try a different web browser.  If it still fails with a different web browser this would point to a problem with downloading files the size of the product you are currently attempting to download.


              If you want a different option to download the install files you can try the steps listed at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/981369 to initiate a direct download.  Although it would be accomplishing the same thing as choosing the alternate download option on your order page.  This is why I did not offer this link previously.

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                SkybornStudios Level 1

                waynenanasi1955 is right.  I just paid over $1100 for CS6 Master Collection upgrade from Production Premium 5.5.  Now how come ADOBE'S not living up to its products as advertised?  I'm sitting here, having waited an extra 1.5 hours while the Akamai download manager is stuck at 2 Seconds remaining....and I'm STILL waiting. 


                Does anyone get how frustrating this is?  Especially after having paid a huge some of money, as we STILL get the run-around as if we just bought a $32 piece of Sh%t software from Cleverbridge.  Come on, we expect more from Adobe.  Now would you please tell me how I can get my hardcopy of CS6 Master Collection, because obviously your Akamai NetSession Download Manager partnership has taken Adobe for a ride and enraged us -- Adobe's otherwise loyal customers.


                I'm extremely disappointed that you have my $1100 but I still don't have the download I paid for. 



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                  Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                  BenJoshua you can order physical media from our support team.  To contact them you will want to choose Help on Adobe.com and then select Contact Us.


                  I would also recommend reviewing Troubleshoot Akamai Download Manager 3 | Trial products - http://helpx.adobe.com/tech-comm-suite/kb/troubleshoot-akamai-download-manager-3.html which offers steps to resolve your difficulties with the Akamai Download Manager.


                  I have also provided an alternate option in post #3 which you can utilize to initiate a direct download of the trial software.