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    DPS Single Edition - Wrong builder ID, how to fix it?

    Mario Alcantara

      Hello all,


      We design a quarterly magazine, and we´re using a dps single edition license to have it available to the readers as an iPad independent app, for each edition.


      We were doing our second edition, and by error, on the Viewer Builder on the provisioning step we used the old mobileprovision files from the first edition (with the old bundle id).


      The result is easy to find out - the app created on the DPS Viewer Builder (and signed with the old provisioning files) is not correct when compared with the one prepared on iTunes Connect for this second edition, and we only noticed that when we were trying to submit the app with the Apple´s Application Loader.


      So my question is easy: how can we edit our mag on viewer builder and change for the new provisioning files (we need to use a new bundle id because the second edition is not an upgrade but a new app) on the without buying and new DPS Single Edition License (please mind that when we edit it we can use new provisioning files but they should keep the same mobile provision id or else we get the following error "Bundle ID inside the mobileprovision does not match the bundle ID used for the build").