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    Question Slide Problem

    vikojh Newcomer

      Hi in our Adobe Captivate 5.5 project we have created 4 question slides, 3 of which are Multiple Choice and 1 is True/False.


      The Question slides are on slide 8, 18, 28 and 30. The trouble faced is that while going through the Published exe file version we get an error. In case one answers the Slide 8 question correctly, goes back to any of the previous slides (maybe in order to go through them again or whatever reason) and then goes to any further question slide (18, 28 or 30), one doesnt get the options to answer them and get a message that "you did not answer the question completely".


      Please help!!

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          Lilybiri Legend



          You are bumping onto the Quiz scope and the way Question slides are designed to function. Have a look at this blog post:


          Question Question Slides


          If you want to achieve this, since you are talking about only 4 question slides, I would recommend that you create custom question slides, using standard objects, variables and advanced actions. I have been blogging a lot about custom questions. Here is a link to a list about custom questions with widgets (T/F and MCQ are part of them).


          Widgets and Custom Questions


          You could extend the Quiz scope in an easy way, but that will not solve all of your issues, you need more control. Do you have to report the result to a LMS?



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            vikojh Newcomer

            thanks for the quick reply.


            No we dont have to report the result. What would you recommend?We are on a tight schedule and recreating with custom question slides, though not impossible but it would be a little troublesome to tell you the truth. How can we extend the quiz scope?

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              RodWard Mythic

              Add a scored button or click box to one of the first slides in the project.  That extends the quiz scope to that point.

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                vikojh Newcomer

                Hi Rod. Nah didnt help. Tried that. In reporting of the click box enabled it for quiz. Still didnt work. Facing the Same problem.


                Can u please explain in more detail steps to extend the quiz scope?

                Also using this method i will get an unnecessary and not required click box on my slide right?How will i hide it?

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                  RodWard Mythic

                  Sorry, but that DOES extend the quiz scope and there is currently no other way to do it. 

                  So if that did not fix the issue, there must be something else wrong.


                  What setting are you using under Quiz Settings > Required?

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                    Lilybiri Legend

                    I tried to explain the quiz scope in the blog post I pointed to? Quiz scope starts with the first scored object and ends with the score slide or - if you do not display the score slide - with the last scored object.  And as long as the user remains within the quiz scope the attempt (on quiz level) is not considered as over. How many attempts did you provide on quiz level? If you provide multiple attempts on question level, the user has to exhaust those attempts before leaving the question slide. And as Rod points out, if you set Quiz Preferences to another Required option than the default, you can have issues as well.



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                      vikojh Newcomer

                      Under Quiz>Settings>Required (we are using) > Optional - The use can skip this quiz.


                      No Lilybiri, i understand what you mean but, we are not displaying/keeping a score slide. What do you mean by a scored object? Under quiz level we provide infinite attempts to the user. Even though we are using graded quiz types, we are keeping 0 points for each quiz.

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                        Lilybiri Legend

                        If you do not have a score slide, the last scored object is the end of the quiz scope.


                        All possible scored objects: Buttons, Click boxes, Text Entry Boxes and Question slides are visible in the Advanced Interaction View (F9). There you can see where the quiz scope starts and ends. Within the quiz scope the user can navigate without ending a Quiz attempt.



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                          vikojh Newcomer

                          Problem still not solved. However, one weird thing that i noticed that the problem that i am having above only happens in case of moving back from the 1st Question slide that we have.


                          "The trouble faced is that while going through the Published exe file version we get an error. In case one answers the Slide 8 question correctly, goes back to any of the previous slides (maybe in order to go through them again or whatever reason) and then goes to any further question slide (18, 28 or 30), one doesnt get the options to answer them and get a message that "you did not answer the question completely"."


                          Please note that the first slide is the true/false slide and the rest all others are multiple choice option slides. This problem doesnt happen when i move back after answering any other multiple choice question slide.


                          Any reason why the True/False slide is giving such problems??and not the others?Does it behave differently?

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                            RodWard Mythic

                            I've often found that weird issues with quiz question slide behaviour are often due to Captivate authors having removed or replaced some of the default captions such as the Question Title, or Question Text captions.


                            Try this:

                            • Open each quiz question in your movie in turn and check to see that they ALL have a Question Title and Question Text caption at the top.  Replace any quiz question that is missing these components.
                            • For any question slide that still DOES have Question Title and Question Text captions, use the Show/Hide All Items icon to try and hide all items on the slide. 
                            • Watch to see if on any quiz question the Question Title or Question Text captions disappear when you do this.


                            The Show / Hide All Items button should NOT hide any default element on a quiz question slide.  It should only hide elements such as captions, images, animations, etc that were added by the author.  So if using this icon DOES hide one of these captions, it means that somehow the default ones have been replaced.  Since you cannot add back these items AFTER removing them (because they're not actually a normal text caption) the only way to fix these slides is to replace them with brand new quiz question slides of the same type.

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                              vikojh Newcomer

                              Hi So whenever we create a quiz slide, we retain all the components except one.


                              Whenever we add a question slide, we select the type of question we want. For eg. if we select multiple choice. When the slide appears it has the original components which are:


                              1. Multiple Choice - I am assuming this is what you mean by Question Title.(We ALWAYS delete this and add our own Title.

                              2. Question text captions - Option A, B, C etc....


                              Does deleting the Multiple CHoice caption wrong?Is this what you are saying?Are we on the same page given the understanding of my problem Rod?

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                                vikojh Newcomer

                                I also think its important to note that the problem that we are having is only with the first question slide that we have.


                                Also the first question slide is a True/False slide and the rest are all multiple choice.

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                                  RodWard Mythic

                                  If you select the caption that says Multiple Choice or True / False etc and look at the top of the Properties tab you will see it says Question Title.


                                  Do the same for the caption that contains the actual question and you will see it called Question.


                                  I've found it is unwise to delete or replace either of these two captions.  They are unique to Quiz Question slides and are NOT normal captions.  I don't know why they are required for reliable functioning of quiz question slides, but I've seen too many instances where messing with them causes weird issues.


                                  There is NO reason to delete the Question Title caption if all you were going to do was replace it with another caption.  Although the Question Title is by default a transparent caption, you can set it to use any of the default caption types, and you can use Object Styles to change the default look and feel for any new question slides added to your project.  Look for the Title (Question/Result) default style in the Object Style Managers under Quizzing Objects > Captions.  This style ONLY affects the quiz question title captions.  THAT should show you that there's something very special about these captions.  There's also a specific Object Style for Question Text too.  Change these to what you want.


                                  It doesn't seem to matter which quiz question in your project is missing one of these captions.  Sooner or later you will end up with seemingly random quizzing issues that are very difficult to track down.  So best practice is just to NEVER remove these captions from your question slides and NEVER replace them with ordinary captions.  If you don't want them to show for some reason, just remove most of the text in them and move them ALMOST off the stage so that no text shows on the stage.  As long as even a small part of the caption is still sitting over the stage area Captivate will count the captions as being present.  But if you move them entirely into the scrap area around the stage, they will be as good as deleted as far as Captivate is concerned and you will have issues.

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                                    vikojh Newcomer

                                    Didnt work. Ok i think we have been through this since a long time.


                                    Rod as per your suggesstion i recreated the quiz slides from scratch keeping the default captions. I have also tried to keep a score slide at the very end, which still didnt work. My problem - FIRST POST still hasnt been solved.


                                    Any quick sure shot definite solution available??

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                                      RodWard Mythic

                                      Are you willing to share your project file with me so that I can better see how it is set up?


                                      If so, send me a private message with a link to where I can download the CPTX or CP file and do some further testing.  There is something about this project that just doesn't make sense and I agree with you that this has gone on long enough trying to diagnose the issue from a distance.  The only way I can help further is to be able to play with the actual project file.

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                                        vikojh Newcomer

                                        Hey guess what? We managed to solve it. My super awesome assistant manager did it. We were just trying to figure out a solution when she tried something and it worked


                                        What she did was go to Quiz Preferences > Pass or Fail > If Failing Grade we checked Infinite Attempts. and it worked.


                                        And hey Rod thanks a million for your patient, constant help. Could really count on you. And no, if wouldnt have been possible to share the file (sorry!!believe me i wouldve in order to get the solution) but we cant because of confidentiality reason - surely you understand.


                                        Thanks a lot to you too Lilybiri.

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                                          vikojh Newcomer

                                          ok guys.. Back again..lol


                                          Now what we have been asked to do is that. given the above mentioned 4 question slides, we need to create a final quiz with 5 question slides.


                                          However, we only need to create a score slide for the last 5 question slides i.e. the final quiz and not the others. How should wwe do this?

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                                            AdityaKalania Pioneer

                                            Hi there,


                                            This is not as per the design and this is not how quiz work in Adobe Captivate.

                                            if you add a question, Graded/Survey, it will show in the result slide. It may not contribute in the total score, but it will add to the number of question

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                                              Lilybiri Legend



                                              You did attach a score to the first questions as well?


                                              You can always create your own score slide of course, could explain how but first I have to know if you want to report to a LMS? Whereas you can keep the score of the last 5 questions in a user variable, if you report to a LMS, it will always be the value of the Quizzing system variables that will be reported and those are read only, cannot be changed.