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    Email campaigns not sending

    Matthew_Wooler Level 1

      Is anyone else getting issues with email campaigns being scheduled days in advance, getting confirmations it has been scheduled, and then finding the campaign does not send and returns to draft mode?


      I have had several campaigns scheduled days in advance only to return hours after the scheduled time to find the campaign still sitting in draft mode. I have submitted a case on this but I am curious if this is something others are finding too.


      After it happened the first time, accepting I must have made the mistake, I have been exceptionally thorough in triple checking the scheduling and watching for when the campaign goes.



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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Does it happen everytime? Perhaps you haven't validated your email address that you are sending from?

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            No it is intermittent and only has occurred on campaigns scheduled at least a day in advance. On and off over the last few weeks. With this client site emails are going our almost every week with the same address so validation is fine.


            There are some processes of elimination I am going through now to see if I can force it to happen again as it happened this morning from a email scheduled yesterday afternoon.


            More curious to know if it has happended to anyone else.

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              Luke @ LCubed

              Hi Matt

              I am not sure whether my problem is the same as yours, but I have a campaign that says it is completed (about 3 hours ago) but no emails have actually been sent (I am on the recipient list and have not received it and there are also no opens, bounces or anything else reported for the campaign).


              I had a similar problem with last month's campaign.  The email was eventually received about 2-3 hours later.  So hopefully this one will get sent soon.


              I know that campaigns won't necessarily go immediately, but i am sure in the past it did not say it was complete until the emails had actually been sent.


              When i set the email to send, the delivery date and time was in the past (which i think is different to your scenario).

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                Matthew_Wooler Level 1

                No it is not the same problem but yes your problem is one that has plagued us all. The actual schedule time is horribly unreliable and can be delayed for hours and in a few cases I have found it just gets stuck for days. My campaign this morning (the one I had to rescheduled that had reset it self to draft) took 1 1/2hrs to actually start being received even though it said it was sent.


                Anytime I have challenged this issue I have always been told the sever is busy sending other campaigns and we just have to wait. Not a great response considering delivery windows can be imperative in order to catch people at certain times. I have had delays with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor up to 15min but never any more than that. FOr your issue if it takes longer that 2hrs I would be on live chat ASAP getting it sorted.

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                  mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

                  The only way the campaign can be placed back into draft mode is if you schedule it then make a change and re-save it. Once it's re-saved it will be in draft mode and you have to click send again to schedule it.


                  As for delays, the delay period can depend on the number of campaigns being sent on the day or particular time. The week prior to mother's day was a busy one for the campaign server. There were millions of campaigns in the queue. Also, busy times are just before people get to work, during lunch time and just after they come home.



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                    Matthew_Wooler Level 1

                    Yeah I went through a heap of scenarios to try and make it happen again and the only time I could do it was just like you mentioned if I had for some reason hit the save button. DW will not allow you to upload if an edit has been made locally as the file becomes locked once the campaign has been set to send.


                    If by chance I had hit the save button it would have been foolish of me but clearly not impossible. Noting that though if a campaign is scheduled and you attempt to make a change then there should be a prompt to note it  will no longer be sent and has returned to draft. Simple usability logic points to this though some may argue if you make an edit then logically it would return to draft.


                    For my vote I suggest an prompt in order to understand the critical implications of what will happen when hitting the save button once scheduled. It certainly would solve an issue of an accidental click.

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                      Always Interactive Level 1

                      hey Mario, this isn't directed at you, I think you are a dead set legend. this comment is to BC as a provider of business services. There is absolutly no excuse for newsleter campaign delays. Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor and Vision 6 deliver with in minutes. Hour+ delays are unacceptable.

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                        Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I always set newsletters to go between 1:00am and 2:00am. Never an issue.

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                          DandyDahlia Level 1

                          Today's newsletter took over 1 hour from the time it said it was completed to the time it was actually sent.


                          We like to send our newsletter at times we know our customers (they are shop keepers) are quiet and have time to read them. (We have been doing newsletters for over 7 years and this is based on open rates and yes there is big differences in times of day for our customers). So having such a random delay is disheartening. This isn't a rant, I'm just a BC customer that has expecations when you hit send it is sent.

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                            Always Interactive Level 1

                            What's happening with the mail delivery times mario? What is the discussion at Adobe? surely a leading edge company like adobe does not think that delays of up to 6 hours of a campaign delivery is ok???


                            Does Adobe have plans for upgrading the campaign server to handle the performance levels required for the amount campaigns being sent through BC?


                            Timing is crucial with an email campaign, you might as well say, "the week before mothers day all your websites will take 3 minutes to load their pages, but it's only because it's a busy week, the next week they'll load much quicker than that".


                            I recieve a campaign every friday afternoon, called 'beer oclock' it arrives just after 3:00pm...its a great campaign strategy as it arrives just before The average Joe leaves work for the weekend... now imagine the success of that campaign being deliered out of BC with a delay of 1 hour, now think 2 hours, now think 3 hours...it's getting worse right? well today we had a client complain of a 4 hour delay in their campaign...4 hours is just not aceptable neither is 3, 2 or 1 hour delays.


                            BC needs to seriously look at a strategy to resolve the campaign server delivery time delays, and present it to us partners so that we know BC cares about this. BC did a great job showcasing it's intentions to use Liquid Markup, it's been a long time since the announcement but at least we know BC is seriously looking at bring Liquid Markup to the system... lets see what BC is going to do about email delivery.


                            Thanks - Billy Bowyer.

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                              mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

                              Hey Billy,


                              You've probably noticed lately that every release recently has had some campaign improvements in it. The team is committed to improving this feature and deliveribility and performance are a part of these improvements. Please look out for the announcements on our blog around these improvements.





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                                Hi Matt,


                                looking through the discussions on newsletter camapaign delays and found your thread. I know its a few months now but did you find a way to solve the problem. I scheduled an email campaign for the 24th February and when my client contacted me to say he had not received anything, i checked and the campaign had re-set itself to the 26th at 4.00am - 2 days later.



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                                  Matthew_Wooler Level 1

                                  No I have seen no improvements. In fact things got worse for a long time. In most cases now I am seeing massive delays on system notifications going out especially during the pre-launch of a site not yet setup on a plan.


                                  As an example, with considerable communications to BC I have been told that an email address being used for the 'From' address must be a legitamte email address linked to the site and it can never be a false one like 'noreply@yourdomain.com', otherwise the emails will actually start to get blocked on the way out of the BC Out Going Mail Server (but you will never be notified of this). Makes for extreme problems when your trying to do a pre-launch check, setting up the email addressing and they won't work. Honestly it made no sense to me but the end result was that I was infromed some settings for one particular site I was having trouble with had to be unblocked from the Outgoing BC Mail Server.


                                  I have been getting really negative about BC over the last 12 months but int his case whenever I can I direct my clients to use Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor for all email marketing. They are 99% reliable on delivery times and customer support. It is a pitty because I invest a lot of time and money into BC but it is the fact.

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                                    I am experience the exact same problem as original post. I have had 2 campaigns not send, and status says in progress. Any fixes out there? I have a very large email campaign scheduled to begin in November, and this makes me very very nervous. I dont know if i can put my faith into BC for this. I feel that it might have something to do wtth GMT?? But I have also tried different send time scenarios as my own fix, No luck.

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                                      I have the same problem since April 30th, 2017. Since then I opened several tickets/cases and Adobe Support says everything okay, but my recurring campaigns are never sent and still showing as "Next Occurance (May 1st)" . That means it has not even picked up for scheduling. I have these campaigns running as a recurring weekly campaign for more than 3 years. There was no problem other than it is delayed by an hour or so few times. And now the support says there is nothing wrong. It is strange how the support did not even escalate it to the next level. But one-off campaigns work. The problem I have is with recurring campaigns only.