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    Soundbooth CS5 FLV Cue Point Woes


      I have been attempting to use Soundbooth CS5 to insert cuepoints in .flv files (audio track only) to cue up some audio stuff in Flash using the FLVPlayback Class. It seems the implementation of cuepoints/markers in Soundbooth is really buggy and prone to either not working at all or producing unexpected results. Here are some problems I have encountered:


      1. Soundbooth regularly does not save the cuepoints (markers) in a way that the Flash Player can detect.


      This is easily verifiable - no MetaDataEvents are dispatched on playback (to indicate a cuepoint has been reached) and the 'findNearestCuePoint' method of FLVPlayback returns an Object with a null 'array' property - I have to use this to access the cuepoints when the flv is loaded (for some pre-processing) because, weirdly, Adobe engineers did not think that making the cuepoints accessible for a (fully loaded) .flv was useful - there is a cuepoints property but it is write-only. Yet, I can get an array of them via this method! Bizarre.


      Both of these things (MetaDataEvent dispatch & the cuepoints array 'hack') occasionally work so I'm confident it's not my code. In fact, I have some .flv files that work perfectly and some that don't - these have all been created by me in Soundbooth.


      At first, saving cue points did not work at all for any file! I struggled with this for two days before resorting to re-installing SB and it magically started (almost) working.


      2. Soundbooth sometimes doesn't save changes to the markers.


      When SB does feel like saving the cue points (and they are picked up in Flash), subsequent edits appear in the SB interface (eg. deleting a marker) but not in Flash. I have .flvs that I've edited which will report x number of markers but the 'findNearestCuePoint' objects 'array' property returns an array of the length before I made the changes/re-saved the file.


      3. Soundbooth sometimes doesn't like re-saving files created in Soundbooth.


      I open up the .flv created in Soundbooth itself, edit it and then hit 'Save', this appears:


      "The file was saved with unknown compression or with an unsupported destination rate, please choose your destination format and language".


      Great. It takes me to 'Save As' so I can select a new name/file-format and I just select the same one it was saved under before (.flv). I have to change the filename too, because SB doesn't like saving over a file that's open in SB, either.


      4. Sometimes it all works!


      And I have no idea why. I just keep opening the file I need to use re-save it under a different file name, select different export options, re-compile my app and sometimes it works fine - my app doesn't throw any errors (the ones it throws when there are no cuepoints, or the number of cuepoints is not the number it expects).


      At first I thought it was the export settings but it isn't - I can select the same ones each time and get different results. Saving the export settings makes no difference, it NEVER works the second time round.


      I can provide code/files if needed.