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    CS 6 & Matrox MXO2 Monitoring?

    johnnyfriday Level 1

      Where is it?

      I can monitor out of CS 5.5 and understand that we no longer have to choose sequence presets...I had a BETA driver and see the Matrox player there, but get no output. Is there something new now? I get NOTHING--nada. No output at all.


      I'll check with Matrox again next week, but hoping someone may have a clue?

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          Alan Craven Level 4

          Matrox have not yet released drivers for CS6 - they are promised for within 30 days of the release of CS6.  On past history, we shall have to wait, and possibly wait some more.


          The latest MXO2 driver, despite the version number being 6.fff, is valid only for CS5.5.  There are posts on the Matrox forum stating that it does not work with CS6.

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            johnnyfriday Level 1

            Yep, i spoke to Matrox on Friday May11. they said possibly at the end of the month....kind of a letdown considering Blackmagic already has working drivers.....So for now, i have to cut/monitor in CS 5.5 then transcode in CS 6. BOTH of which by the way have their problems....more on this to come in a thread...my experiences lately cuttning/coloring a 52min doc.

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              RBemendo Level 1

              Directly from the Premiere CS6.0.1:


              • First two frames were being played twice on external monitor using Matrox MXO2.
              • Crash when using “hover scrub” with Matrox MXO2.


              I still have not seen a Matrox driver for CS6, are only a certain few getting beta drivers? and leaving the rest of us scratching our heads, i'm double posting this on matrox as well, and have a message out to Matrox support...... I feel like i'm in the dark when Adobe is releasing fixes for a product I own but don't have access to drivers to offer feedback.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Can somebody enlighten me, because I have difficulty understanding something. Now do not misunderstand me, I'm not completely new here and I have read some posts, even replied to some, but it escapes me why people willingly invest money in Matrox, knowing that in the past 10 years they have never delivered reliable drivers, well only a year later for old versions if you were lucky, it caused numerous problems, and does nothing that Adobe can't do natively, possibly with the aid of an ADVC unit.

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                  petergaraway Adobe Employee


                  @ johnnyfriday – Alan is correct. Matrox drivers have not been released yet for CS6. CS5.5 drivers are not compatible with CS6.
                  @ RBemendoMatrox hardware is being tested by Adobe and Matrox beta testers. I’ve you’re interested in being a beta tester for Matrox I suggest contacting them directly. I’m not sure how that process works but it is a separate beta program than Adobes.
                  As Alan mentioned Matrox said they will release their drivers by the end of the month. It’s nearly the end of the month so I expect to see drivers from Matrox very soon.
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                    lasvideo Level 4

                    It looks like Matrox just released the CS6 drivers a short time ago. This link was tweeted by Adobe.



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                      RBemendo Level 1

                      @ pertergaraway,I contacted Matrox in regards to beta testing before your response, but thanks for pointing that out. 


                      @ lasvideo, thanks for the link

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                        lasvideo Level 4

                        Glad to help.