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    Average post per day

    TradeWind Level 3

      Noticed Jim Simon quickly approaching the 20K post mark and it got me to thinking about average posts per day.


      Jim averages about 4.5 posts per day since joining the forums here in '07 (according to his newly restored post count and join date). I average .25 posts per day since joining in '04.


      I'd like to think I offer quality over quantity, of course, but that's a topic for another discussion.


      So what's your batting...er, um "posting" average, eh?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Other than seeing that someone is new (low post count) I really don't pay any attention to that number


          For me, I "bat" when I think I can offer an answer... sometimes I connect, sometimes I miss the ball or only get a small bit and don't hit a home run


          I am more concerned with trying to help someone who has a problem

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            I think that you could probably divide my "post count" by about 8, to get a realistic idea - most of mine were about "scary snakes" in the Video Lounge...




            PS - now, I "joined" the Adobe Forums, as soon as they went from NNTP-only (no joining necessary back then), and added HTTP. Can't remember the year, but I'd guess about 1997. In about 1999, they went to HTTP-only, and I was a "member." However, all those posts were not credited, way back when. Cannot remember what happened in 2002, the year that I am shown to have "joined," but would guess that it was a forum change. Just guessing, I'd say that had about 10,000 posts, that did not transfer - not that it matters. Also, way back when, I spent a lot of time on severl other Photoshop news groups, that were not under the Adobe banner, but that does not count.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hmm... I wonder if you will get a Gold Star next to your name, when you hit 50,000 messages?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                John T.,


                I have no idea what will happen - probably a reset to 0?


                I'd be more interested in the old "points," so long as I did help someone, along the way. Saw a thread in another forum recently, where the OP posed a problem. Someone else asked a couple of questions, and the OP answered a few, then gave himself "Correct Answer." Next, he answered another question, and marked his response as "Helpful Answer." On it went. I just had to laugh.



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                  Level 4

                  yes, the snake bazooka games on airplane flights and scary snakes posts certainly took center stage for a few months.. hehe...thank goodness THAT phase is sorta over for now at least.  I see a pretty good potential for scary MOTHS but I think we covered mothra and godzilla a few months back too...


                  nothing wrong with getting " correct answer " when you respond to something that is silly with something that is even sillier. keeps the imagination active and lowers stress levels.


                  but giving yourself points...now that is just plain WRONG... and just goes to show you what some people will do to get that free adobe lobster dinner !!!



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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >free adobe lobster dinner


                    Hmm... with recent sales, I thought the dinner had been upgraded to Steak AND Lobster... but even just lobster is still better than snake meat served on a flight meal tray

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                      Level 4

                      mmmmm....now you're making me hungry !


                      At food store yesterday I saw some king crab legs at about $25 / lb...which for MN is probably pretty good deal ??   Imagine steak, lobster AND king crab legs for dinner !  I would post 100 times per day and beg for people to give me "helpful" points for THAT DINNER !



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        If I understand things correctly, Adobe had a problem with their Friday "Maine Lobster Lunches." Somehow, a bunch of the lobsters made a break for it. They ran around the Official Adobe Cafeteria, snapping at everyone, and especially at the PrPro CS 6 Development Team. OSHA stepped in, and declared the Official Adobe Cafeteria and "Unsafe Workplace." Since then, the lobsters have been replaced by crawfish - tiny ones.


                        Guess that we missed our "window of opportunity."