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    Align list arrow in the Property inspector

    FrankRuth Level 1

      Hello, everyone. I am taking a WEB Design class online, and have a problem figuring out something in Dreamweaver. I need to align an image, but I can't get access to the Align list arrow in the Property inspector. I clicked on the image, but for some reason the Align list arrow still doesn't appear. I even made sure to click the expander arrow in the lower right corner of the Property inspector.


      Does anyone know why the Align list arrow isn't appearing for me, and does anyone know how I can get it to appear? I would really appreciate some help, because this assignment is due in a couple of days. Thanks in advance!

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          The align attribute on the img tag has been deprecated for quite some time.  All edits to an image should be made through editing the image's CSS either inline (style="[enter CSS here]") or through it's class/ID (.class or #id CSS definition).

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            Nancy O. Adobe Community Professional & MVP


            Sorry but I have no idea what you mean by "Align list arrow."


            Which properties panel are you working with -- HTML, CSS?

            What exactly are you trying to do?

            Which elements are you working with -- i.e. paragraphs, unordered lists, ordered lists, etc...?


            For best answers here, please include the  HTML & CSS code you have so far (a link to your page is preferred).  A second option is to copy and paste code directly into the web forum post.




            Nancy O.

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              MurraySummers MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              When you select an image in Design view, you get the image-specific Property inspector.  There is no ALIGN field shown on that Property inspector for the reason pointed out by SnakEyez.  Aligning an image is done by applying a CSS float to it, also suggested by SnakEyez.