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    How do you clear your browser cache to see forum updates

    john cornicello (retired) Level 4

      In IE8:

      Press F12 (or select Tools > Developer Tools)

      In the tools window press Ctl-R to clear the cache completely


      Press Ctl-D clear the cache for the current domain

      Close the Developer Tools window


      In Firefox Windows:

      Go to Tools > Options > Advanced

      Click into the Network tab

      Click Clear Now in the Cached Web Content section

      Click OK


      In Firefox Mac:

      Go to Firefox > Preferences > Advanced

      Click on Network

      Click Clear Now in the Cached Web Content section

      Close the Preferences window


      In Chrome Mac:

      Go to Chrome > Clear Browsing Data

      Check only the Empty the Cache checkbox

      Click Clear Browsing Data

      Close the Under The Hood tab


      In Safari Mac:

      Go to Safari > Empty Cache

      Click Empty


      In Safari Windows:

      Make sure your Menu Bar is showing (or use the shortcut below)

      Click on Edit > Empty Cache (Ctl+Alt+E)

      Click Empty



      Please add instructions for other browsers/platforms in the replies.