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    Having trouble with a strangely un-editable document.


      First of all, let me apologize for some potentially vague explination to follow.


      Alright, I have a document, with a .indd file extension, that was created most likely on CS3.1. It has a background image, a couple of misc. images, and a long bar (still technically an image) that I created and pasted in myself, and finally text. I emailed this to myself ~1 month ago. Now when I try to open it again on CS3.1, two things happen:


      1. The file name has [converted] in its name, which it shouldn't since I'm pretty sure I created and opened the file on the same versions.


      2. None of the text, pictures, etc are moveable, editable, or even clickable. There are certain views that show outlines around text, pictures, etc. so ID obviously knows that these are seperate entities, but it is adament about not letting me move anything. Copy/Cut/Paste is all greyed out. I figure im in some strange mode or something but I can't find anyone with the same problem. This happens opening it on both 3.1 and another computer running ID 5.5.


      This is pretty important and I'm kind of at a loss. Any suggestions?